Moreno Valley Lifestyle Facts That You Need to Know Before Relocating to This City

Charming lake in a valley surrounded by snow-capped mountains. TIf you hate harsh winters more than anything in the world and would give just about anything to settle down in a beautiful urban region with a friendly semi-arid climate, hot summers, mild winters, countless entertainment alternatives, prominent resorts and fantastic surroundings, think about relocating to Moreno Valley, California. This city is located in the sunny Riverside County and is home to approximately 193,000 residents. Wondering if you could be happy here as a newcomer? Worried that this city may not meet all your selection criteria? Eliminate some of your doubts by taking a closer look at the lifestyle facts listed below.

The Cost of Life in This City Is Higher Than the National Average

Life in Moreno Valley is not particularly cheap. Obviously, if you can’t afford to live in Hollywood right next to your favorite movie stars, but have enough money to pay for a new roof over your head in an upscale white picket fence neighborhood, you may be able to cope with the daily expenses that this city would imply. Recent statistics show that the cost of living in Moreno Valley is up to 11% higher than the national average.

Unemployment Rates Shouldn’t Intimidate You

In the 1990s, Moreno Valley was hit hard by the economic downturn felt all across the U.S. Many people decided to leave the city and relocate to different states, in an attempt to revitalize their careers and make ends meet. Fortunately, during the past few years, Moreno Valley has managed to get back on the right track. The economic difficulties seem to be a thing of the past. Various top employers, including U-Haul and Lowe’s, operate in this region and ensure attractive job openings.

Moreno Valley Gets Bonus Points for Arts, Culture and Entertainment

Moreno Valley is the 10th most popular city for the holidays in the U.S. OK, so it may not be able to compete with hot destinations like New York, Los Angeles or Washington, but it still stuns with its beautiful resorts and natural beauties. Home of the Cross Winds Community Theatre and the March Field Air Museum, the territory known as the Inland Empire also comprises 2 famous mountain resorts: Mountain High Wrightwood, Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear.

There Are Plenty of Attractive Housing Options to Choose from

The median home price in this city is a little over 207,000 dollars, meaning that more than a few middle-class families may have the opportunity to purchase a fairly new and attractive property located in this area. The local rentals are even more alluring. If you don’t feel ready to buy a new home for yourself, you can always rent a more than decent place in Moreno Valley. For anywhere from 1,400 to 1,800 dollars/month you could actually get the keys to an awesome 4-bedroom home with a nice backyard where you could relax in great company, have a BBQ party or read a nice book and breathe some fresh air.

Aug 2014