How to Organize a Successful For Sale by Owner Open House in California  

Blue Open House Real Estate Sign in Front Yard of Home.Who doesn’t dream about relocating to California? We all know how great life can be in this sunny state. The first-class beaches, friendly temperatures andawesome surroundings are just a few main elements attracting prospects like a magnet and compelling them to get the keys to a lavishing California-based property.

Marketing Your Californian Property the Right Way

But what happens when you’re actually trying to sell your house? You obviously go online and turn to real estate directories to promote your home in the most effective manner. Should an open house also be a part of your marketing strategy? According to the data provided by National Association of Realtors, only 50% of all people who are looking for a new roof over their heads attend open houses to discover the real estate gem that they’re waiting for. The rest do their homework online, by relying on virtual tours and well-organized photo galleries. This does not mean that open houses are not useful. On the contrary, they give you the chance to use your social skills to reach different categories of potential buyers and reflect the strongest assets of your property in the most transparent manner. Looking for a few working tips on how to organize a flawless open house? Here are a few pointers that you may want to factor in:

1. Plan in Advance. Set up a date for your open house and use word-of-mouth and various other channels (blogs, newspaper ads and so on) to spread the news. Remember to extend your invitation to your neighbors, coworkers and anybody else they might know who could be interested in buying a new home in your area.

2. Clean Everything. Twice. Dust off your furniture and polish it, clean your carpets, mop the floors, take the garbage out and declutterall your rooms to make them seem more spacious and perfectly organized. Pay special attention to your kitchen and bathroom areas, as these indoor spaces often make or break a transaction.  Don’t spend a lot of money on a remodeling process just to impress your prospects. First of all, because of your upcoming relocation, you may not be able to afford any radical changes. Secondly, even if you hire a skilled interior designer, it would be almost impossible to choose a certain style that could please all your potential clients and make them fall in love with your home at a first glance.

3. A Full Disclosure Should Never Be a Part of the Deal. Be honest and don’t exaggerate the attributes of your property. On the other hand, don’t get carried away and don’t let your prospects know why you’re in such a hurry to sell your house and move to a different city. They won’t hesitate to use this info as leverage to start a new round of negotiations and lower your asking price.

4. Ask a Friend or Family Member to Assist You. If you are trying to sell your home without a realtor, ask someone whom you know and trust to lend you a helping hand during the event. Your relative or friend could watch the door, guide your guests around the house and also allow you to prevent potential safety threats.

5. Print and Distribute Flyers. Print your contact info on flyers and distribute them to your potential buyers, to help them reach you fast and effortlessly.

All in all, don’t overstress yourself with your upcoming open house. With just a little bit of patience, great social skills and attention to detail you will manage to close a more than satisfactory transaction in no time.

Aug 2014