4 Things That You Should Do Before Putting Your House Up for Sale  

Idea of being a happy houseLife is a journey, not a destination. If this old saying is one of your favorite mottos, chances are that you dislike the idea of putting down roots in just one place. The sunny state of California is a great place to start a family, pursue a well-paid opportunity or turn your whole life in a never-ending vacation. But if you want to sell your Californian home, take some time off work and just travel the world, this is perfectly understandable. Many people want to live the American dream in this area, so you might be able to find the right buyer for your property in no time.

Nonetheless, several issues like leaky pipes, old flooring and huge holes in your roof could deter more than a few prospects and delay the selling process. Want to prevent this type of worst-case scenarios? Here are 4 essential things that you should do before listing your house.

  1. Plan Ahead. After you move out, will you have a roof over your head? Would you be able to cope with monthly expenses in the areas where you plan to settle down? On the other side of the coin, start thinking from the buyer’s perspective: Is your house in a great condition, or would it require extensive repairs and remodeling work? Proper planning will enable you to come up with a realistic price for your property and also invest a little bit of money in essential repairs that you can’t and shouldn’t delay.
  1. Get Estimates. Assuming that you can’t afford to replace several important amenities that influence the end value of your home, should you choose to ignore the problem and sweep it under the rug? This is not the smartest move that you could make. Savvy buyers will spot giant flaws in 1.5 seconds and force you to lower your asking price. Therefore, you should at least go to the trouble to get accurate estimates from plumbers, heating and cooling experts, painters and various other specialists (depending on the nature of your emergency). You should know the value of the price tag associated with repairs and replacements to use it as leverage during negotiations.
  1. Declutter. Now would be a good time to go through all your stuff and toss or donate the items that you haven’t used since 1976. This will represent a liberating moment marking the beginning of your new life. Store your essentials in labeled carton boxes and keep all rooms and hallways clean and decluttered, to make your property seem more spacious and perfectly organized.
  1. De-Personalize Your Home. Take your pictures off the walls. Try to hide those marks that you’ve made on the door frame to measure how tall your children are.  In short, work hard to conceal signs of your presence in the house and turn your Californian home into a neutral, positive environment that any potential buyer would feel comfortable in.
Aug 2014