5 Reasons Why You Should Hire an Expert to Sell Your Californian House

Real estate market - young Indonesian couple looking for real esYour house is definitely one of your most valuable possessions. You’ve worked extra your entire life to be able to afford it. You have decorated and redecorated it over and over again to match your taste and personality. You’ve watched your kids grow up in it. But even the most beautiful stories have an ending. If changes in your life are forcing you to move to a different city, consider selling your Californian house with a little help from a realtor. We know what you are going to say: real estate agents don’t do pro bono work. Even so, there are at least 5 great reasons why you should let a realtor represent your best interest.

  1. Experts Provide an Insight into the Local Real Estate Market. Are you worried that you may underprice or overprice your property in the absence of solid numbers allowing you to compare properties similar to the one that you currently own? A realtor will be able to tell you how much your home is actually worth at a first glance and help you price it right to attract buyers looking for fair deals.
  2. Agents Can Point You Towards Minor Cost-Effective Improvements. Does your roof need patching? Should you repaint your exterior walls to increase the curb appeal of your home? Sometimes, when you’re overly stressed with the moving process, you can neglect quite a few simple, yet extremely important details that could make or break your real estate transaction. For instance, how many buyers do you think that a house with a leaky roof could attract? Several fixes demanded by homes can be conducted on time and on a budget; moreover, in some cases minor improvements related to landscaping or a new paint job can put your home in the center of everyone’s attention and speed up the house selling.
  3. Real Pros Use All the Available Tools to Help You Seal the Deal in Record Time. Are you any good with computers? Do you know how to browse through different real estate directories, take the most amazing pictures of your house, post them on various websites and add video tours to make it easier for potential buyers to analyze the features of your property? A good realtor will know how to promote your property in both online and offline environments fast and at a fraction of the costs that you would have to deal with.
  4. Realtors Know How to Handle Hardball Strategies. In case you didn’t know, you are trying to sell in a buyer’s market. This means that most prospects will explore all the tricks in the book to make you lower your asking price. A competent, experienced real estate agent is basically your neighborhood expert. Real pros have amazing negotiation skills and the ability to anticipate and address any conceivable tactic developed by potential clients to get a great property for less than its actual value.
  5. Real Estate Experts Let You Avoid Hassles and Focus on Your Relocation. Let’s face it: when you’re about to start a new life in a different city, the last thing that you want to worry about is your home selling process. A good realtor will simplify your mission, by showing you the steps that you should follow to sell your house at a profit on any market.

A short-term collaboration with a friendly, dependable, goal-oriented real estate agent is a great support during a period of transition. By relying on professional services you could actually turn the selling process into an enjoyable experience.

Aug 2014