5 Californian Home Selling Mistakes That Can Put Your Prospects on the Run

For sale signIn a buyer’s market, most people who are eager to sell their properties are faced with numerous challenges. They have to repair or replace things around the house, boost the curb appeal of their Californian property, market it in a cost-effective manner and find the simplest, most efficient ways to attract buyers. On top of that, most sellers are already overstressed with their relocation and end up ignoring a few common home selling mistakes, including the ones listed below.

  1. Pricing Your Property Too High or Too Low. If you price your property too low you lose money. If you price it too high, you inevitably intimidate buyers and delay the selling. To prevent these drawbacks, you could hire a realtor and ask for his advice on this matter, or you could check out online listings to be able to estimate the overall value of your home, by comparing it to similar properties sold in your neighborhood over the last few months.
  1. Becoming a “Helicopter” Seller. Are you hovering around your property while sellers are trying to feel the vibe of the place that could become their next home? This is a major mistake that could deter prospects. Naturally, you know your property like no one else and want to play host and paint your California-based house in the most flattering light; nonetheless, your interventions could give potential buyers the impression that they are invading your personal space. Instead of being intrusive and pushy, let your agent handle showings and enable your prospects to discover a friendly, neutral space that they could feel more comfortable in.
  1. Not Being Flexible When It Comes to Penciling in Showings.  Keep one thing in mind at all times: determined home sellers do not need 48 or 24 hours’ advance notices when it comes to giving the green light to a new showing. Last-minute showing indicate that you are flexible and hell-bent on selling your house as soon as possible.
  1. Not Being Ready to Welcome Your Prospects. Is your house clean or are you counting on your buyers’ lack of attention to detail? Make no mistake: buying a home is an important decision and most prospects have a keen eye for detail. The fact that your upholstery is dusty and old may not influence the overall value of your property, but it will reflect that you are a sloppy homeowner who may also be dealing with much more serious problems triggered by poor maintenance, like a defective plumbing system or a leaky roof.
  1. Not Using Great Negotiation Skills. In a buyer’s market, it is imperative to be able to counterattack the strategies of savvy buyers who will try to lowball you. This means that you have to be able to put the right price tag on your property and take pride in excellent negotiation skills to stay on the same page with your buyers, while defending your profit.

At the end of the day, by avoiding all these common mistakes you make sure that you and your prospects speak the same language and manage to prep the field for a mutually advantageous real estate transaction.

Aug 2014