3 Ways to Negotiate a Lowe Price for a Californian Home Like a Pro

Keys and handsA house is the most prized possession of nearly all American families. Most of them have to make mortgage payments for years in a row and spend even more money on remodeling work to turn a property into a real home. In this context, it becomes obvious that you should do the math before deciding to buy a certain property. You must also perfect your negotiation skills to be able to lower the asking price and get the keys to a gorgeous Californian real estate gem without leaving room for regrets. Assuming that you don’t want to involve a realtor in your house hunt, how do you plan to start your first round of negotiations? Here are 3 tips that would allow you to stay in the safe zone at all times, reduce the seller’s price and close the deal of the century fast and hassle-free.

1. Know the Local Market. First of all, do your homework. Put your finger on the map and determine the cities/ZIP codes where you’d like to start fresh. Narrow down your search by using real estate directories and checking out online listings. This is a great starting point enabling you to estimate prices and get familiar with the particularities of the local real estate market. Once you know how much money a home is actually worth based on its location, you will be able to make a decent offer. Keep in mind that over negotiating may be a counterproductive practice that could force you to leave empty handed.

2. Keep Your Emotions Under Control. Buying a home is a very important business transaction that shouldn’t be influenced by your feelings associated with a certain building, area or neighborhood. A little enthusiasm never hurt anyone, but do remember that you should never unleash your most powerful emotions in front of the current homeowner or let your impulses cloud your judgment and rush you into making an offer.

3. Offer Tempting Perks. Money is not everything. Don’t get us wrong: all sellers want to obtain the best price for their most valuable possession. Nonetheless, even the greediest ones could be persuaded into lowering their asking price, especially if they are properly motivated to do so. A quicker inspection and cash payments are two of the main alternatives that usually convince owners to cut down the price tag of their homes.

On the other side of the coin, you may realize that the asking price for your property of choice is more than fair. Nonetheless your financial limitations may stop you from meeting the seller’s monetaryexpectations. What should you do in this case? You could ask the other party to take care of the closing costs or agree to throw in some of the biggest, most expensive appliances to sweeten the deal. Last-minute negotiations can make or break the entire transaction, so make sure you’re not mentally counting dollars on thin ice. All in all, good communication skills and in-depth research will most likely guide your negotiation process in the right direction and allow you to buy a home in California for less than expected.


How to Organize a Successful For Sale by Owner Open House in California  

Blue Open House Real Estate Sign in Front Yard of Home.Who doesn’t dream about relocating to California? We all know how great life can be in this sunny state. The first-class beaches, friendly temperatures andawesome surroundings are just a few main elements attracting prospects like a magnet and compelling them to get the keys to a lavishing California-based property.

Marketing Your Californian Property the Right Way

But what happens when you’re actually trying to sell your house? You obviously go online and turn to real estate directories to promote your home in the most effective manner. Should an open house also be a part of your marketing strategy? According to the data provided by National Association of Realtors, only 50% of all people who are looking for a new roof over their heads attend open houses to discover the real estate gem that they’re waiting for. The rest do their homework online, by relying on virtual tours and well-organized photo galleries. This does not mean that open houses are not useful. On the contrary, they give you the chance to use your social skills to reach different categories of potential buyers and reflect the strongest assets of your property in the most transparent manner. Looking for a few working tips on how to organize a flawless open house? Here are a few pointers that you may want to factor in:

1. Plan in Advance. Set up a date for your open house and use word-of-mouth and various other channels (blogs, newspaper ads and so on) to spread the news. Remember to extend your invitation to your neighbors, coworkers and anybody else they might know who could be interested in buying a new home in your area.

2. Clean Everything. Twice. Dust off your furniture and polish it, clean your carpets, mop the floors, take the garbage out and declutterall your rooms to make them seem more spacious and perfectly organized. Pay special attention to your kitchen and bathroom areas, as these indoor spaces often make or break a transaction.  Don’t spend a lot of money on a remodeling process just to impress your prospects. First of all, because of your upcoming relocation, you may not be able to afford any radical changes. Secondly, even if you hire a skilled interior designer, it would be almost impossible to choose a certain style that could please all your potential clients and make them fall in love with your home at a first glance.

3. A Full Disclosure Should Never Be a Part of the Deal. Be honest and don’t exaggerate the attributes of your property. On the other hand, don’t get carried away and don’t let your prospects know why you’re in such a hurry to sell your house and move to a different city. They won’t hesitate to use this info as leverage to start a new round of negotiations and lower your asking price.

4. Ask a Friend or Family Member to Assist You. If you are trying to sell your home without a realtor, ask someone whom you know and trust to lend you a helping hand during the event. Your relative or friend could watch the door, guide your guests around the house and also allow you to prevent potential safety threats.

5. Print and Distribute Flyers. Print your contact info on flyers and distribute them to your potential buyers, to help them reach you fast and effortlessly.

All in all, don’t overstress yourself with your upcoming open house. With just a little bit of patience, great social skills and attention to detail you will manage to close a more than satisfactory transaction in no time.

Aug 2014

How to Sell Your Oceanside Property in the Blink of an Eye

Old waterfront building on stilts in ocean at dusk Life in Oceanside, California is always beautiful. This fascinating coastal city located in the San Diego County has a one-of-a-kind charm that could never pass unnoticed. With dozens of chic restaurants, stylish boutiques and countless trendy clubs located right in the heart of the city, Oceanside will always encourage you to love the ocean even more and cherish every single moment spent in this corner of paradise.

But change is good. If you feel the need to travel extensively, get more familiar with different cultures or simply pursue a job opportunity in a different city, you shouldn’t hesitate to let go of your past and cut your ties with this lovely city. Naturally, in this case selling your home should become one of your top priorities. Can’t afford to wait for the right buyer to knock at your door? If so, choose to take this matter into your own hands and sell your property at a profit by simply following these basic tips.

Spread the Word about Your Relocation. Before actually launching your home back on the local real estate market, make sure you let everyone know that you are planning on relocating toa new city or state. News travels fast and word of mouth is still one of the most effective tactics that you could rely on to advertise your property without spending a dime out of your own pockets.

Throw a Farewell Party. Choose to end this exciting chapter in your life by throwing a fabulous party that will be remembered and discussed for months in a row. Spare no expenses and come up with a huge guest list. Invite all your friends, neighbors, coworkers and acquaintances. This would be a great opportunity to reflect the most glamorous side of your property. A great party can be much more effective than an open house, especially if you make an effort to keep the champagne flowing and spark an interesting conversation with all attendees.

Price It Right and Start Conquering Online Environments. Can you guess how most people usually look for great properties for sale or for rent in Oceanside, California? Most of those who live miles away from your city and dream about fantastic oceanfront properties do their homework online, by checking out a great variety of listings. Make sure you explore the power of online real estate directories and social media websites to enable your prospects to find out everything they would like to know about your property and reach you to talk business. Here’s one word of advice that you should consider: don’t inflate the price of your home thinking that this tactic could leave room for a round of negotiations. Sky-high unjustifiable price tags can deter even the most determined buyers and make it increasingly difficult for you to sell your property.

Think outside the Box. Tackle offline mediaand use every channel and strategy you can embrace to advertise your Oceanside home. A new, intriguing approach may work to your best advantage. For example, a giant ad devoid of typical info that one should expect to read in a newspaper may stimulate the interest of several clients, as long as you focus on one or two essential features that add value to your property (a large heated pool or a giant tennis court, for instance). All in all, your perseverance and originality will most likely lead to a quick, hassle-free, convenient sale and the debut of a whole new life in a different location.


How to Buy or Rent the Best House in Oakland

House In Hands Of BusinessmanWant to buy or rent a house in Oakland, California? That’s fantastic! Oakland is a prominent trade center and transportation hub and represents the third biggest city in the San Francisco Bay Area. Numerous excellent job opportunities wait for you here; not to mention the fact that the real estate market is friendlier than ever. But how could you turn the tiresome house hunt process into a delightful experience? Here are a few basic tips that may help you on your quest for a new home.

Talk to the Right People. Talk to people who talk to people. This is the first basic rule that you have to follow to be able to analyze the sweetest deals before anyone else. Use your social skills to communicate with different categories of individuals. The barista who serves your coffee in the morning, the postman and local clerks could spread the word about new sellers and fabulous properties that demand your full attention. Make sure you are among the first residents who hear the good news.

Read the Newspaper. Some of the best real estate deals are promoted by the offline media, so read the local newspaper and check the ads. Some of the newest properties for rent or for sale in Oakland could be advertised in their pages. Also, don’t forget to consult their online versions while surfing the Internet. After all, there’s no such thing as “too informed.”

Check Out Online Listings. If you’re not familiar with the local real estate market, you could do your homework in the comfort of your own residence, by simply taking a closer look at online listings. With just a few clicks, you can discover that a decent Oakland rental could cost you anywhere from $1,300 to $6,020, depending on the size, location and amenities of the property. For example, a beautiful 2-bedroom house located on Kingsland Ave, built in 1937, will only cost you $1,600 per month. By estimating expenses and getting more familiar with the local market you can prevent misguided decisions and pay the right price for a property that is to your entire liking.

Contact a Real Estate Expert. Interview several realtors and choose to work with the most knowledgeable and connected one. At the end of the day, the professional who you choose to collaborate with will be more than your real estate agent. By providing useful tips on how to spot the most attractive deals, find the best schools, identify the most convenient commuting routes and more, a good realtor basically reduces the hassles associated with any relocation process and makes your life a whole lot easier.

Keep Your Eyes Open for New Opportunities. If you want to buy or rent on Oakland, you have to keep your options open. Who knows, with just a little bit of help from a real estate agent you may be able to spot the trendiest, most affordable properties before they actually land on the market. Go for a drive and identify the neighborhoods that interest you the most. Determine the exact location of the properties fitting your needs and demands. Even if they aren’t available for rent or for sale for the time being, they may enable your realtor to understand what you’re really looking for. At the end of the day, extensive research, excellent communication skills and a bit of patience will definitely get you closer to the Oakland-based property of your dreams.

Aug 2014

Moreno Valley Lifestyle Facts That You Need to Know Before Relocating to This City

Charming lake in a valley surrounded by snow-capped mountains. TIf you hate harsh winters more than anything in the world and would give just about anything to settle down in a beautiful urban region with a friendly semi-arid climate, hot summers, mild winters, countless entertainment alternatives, prominent resorts and fantastic surroundings, think about relocating to Moreno Valley, California. This city is located in the sunny Riverside County and is home to approximately 193,000 residents. Wondering if you could be happy here as a newcomer? Worried that this city may not meet all your selection criteria? Eliminate some of your doubts by taking a closer look at the lifestyle facts listed below.

The Cost of Life in This City Is Higher Than the National Average

Life in Moreno Valley is not particularly cheap. Obviously, if you can’t afford to live in Hollywood right next to your favorite movie stars, but have enough money to pay for a new roof over your head in an upscale white picket fence neighborhood, you may be able to cope with the daily expenses that this city would imply. Recent statistics show that the cost of living in Moreno Valley is up to 11% higher than the national average.

Unemployment Rates Shouldn’t Intimidate You

In the 1990s, Moreno Valley was hit hard by the economic downturn felt all across the U.S. Many people decided to leave the city and relocate to different states, in an attempt to revitalize their careers and make ends meet. Fortunately, during the past few years, Moreno Valley has managed to get back on the right track. The economic difficulties seem to be a thing of the past. Various top employers, including U-Haul and Lowe’s, operate in this region and ensure attractive job openings.

Moreno Valley Gets Bonus Points for Arts, Culture and Entertainment

Moreno Valley is the 10th most popular city for the holidays in the U.S. OK, so it may not be able to compete with hot destinations like New York, Los Angeles or Washington, but it still stuns with its beautiful resorts and natural beauties. Home of the Cross Winds Community Theatre and the March Field Air Museum, the territory known as the Inland Empire also comprises 2 famous mountain resorts: Mountain High Wrightwood, Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear.

There Are Plenty of Attractive Housing Options to Choose from

The median home price in this city is a little over 207,000 dollars, meaning that more than a few middle-class families may have the opportunity to purchase a fairly new and attractive property located in this area. The local rentals are even more alluring. If you don’t feel ready to buy a new home for yourself, you can always rent a more than decent place in Moreno Valley. For anywhere from 1,400 to 1,800 dollars/month you could actually get the keys to an awesome 4-bedroom home with a nice backyard where you could relax in great company, have a BBQ party or read a nice book and breathe some fresh air.

Aug 2014