5 Important Elements That Most People Neglect During Their Rental Hunt

Right Facing For Rent Real Estate Sign Over Clouds and Sunny SkyThe idea of starting fresh in Cali can get you super excited in no time. But even when you are overwhelmed by the great diversity of positive emotions that you are experiencing, you should be able to keep at least one foot on the ground. During your rental hunt, you should use every trick in the book to spend less money on rent and still make the most of an exceptional location, the ideal square footage and awesome amenities. While you’re on a quest to find the sweetest spot for your family, your patience and attention to detail will always be rewarded. Here are 5 aspects related to the Californian house hunt that are usually overlooked by overly enthusiastic tenant.

  1. A Nice Little Chat with the Neighbors. A chat with your potential new neighbors can be your moment of revelation. A polite “how are you?” type of visit may give you a heads-up on several facts that you may or may not like about your landlord and his policies and general attitude towards tenants. For instance, your neighbors may warn you that your landlord is a big fan of unannounced visits and can easily be labeled as a control freak.
  2. Checking the Cabinets and the Rugs. Cabinets and rugs usually reflect the impact of old and current issues that may force you to start looking for a new roof over your head. Do you dread the idea of sharing your space with pests that would also appreciate your cheese crackers? Want to know whether or not your rented space has a long history of plumbing problems resulting in leaks that are difficult to control? Well, in this case, your rugs, cabinets and flooring will provide the most accurate answers to these questions.
  3. Focusing on Small, yet Essential Amenities and Other Details. Before agreeing to sign on the dotted line just because “that walk-in closet is everything” or “that giant home theater and entertainment system is the answers to your prayers”, make sure all the tiny amenities that you usually take for granted (router, clocks, electrical sockets, oven, microwave, lamps and so on) are fully-functional.
  4. Taking Photos of Minor Imperfections Impacting the Looks and Feel of Your New Place. See something that you don’t like? A small crack in the wall or a small sign of wear and tear reflected by your flooring material is no big deal and will certainly not impact your level of comfort…unless you get blamed (and charged!) for these imperfections. To avoid this scenario, just take photos of the flaws that you find in the apartment during a first inspection and file them properly, after sending the copies to your landlord.
  5. Getting a Little Bit of Help to Speed Up the Home Hunting Process. Who can ignore the fact that the home hunt process involves quite a bit of legwork? It’s OK to admit that you are overwhelmed by the great diversity of Californian rentals. In this case, choose to turn to professional services ensured by the largest, most reputable apartment finder in California and enjoy a shorter, much more enjoyable rental search.
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Tips on How to Avoid Disputes with Your Landlord and Make the Most of Your Californian Rental

the key to an apartment with the move. new tenant moves.After months of uninterrupted search, you have finally found what appears to be the perfect Californian rental for you and your family. It is big enough and has a wide range of useful, cool-looking appliances. Moreover, it is only 15 minutes away from your office. It lets you enjoy the calm, stimulating atmosphere of a perfectly safe neighborhood where you could raise your kids and make the most of your family life. On top of all this, it is also cheap. Naturally, you would do just about anything to hold on to this once-in-a-lifetime real estate opportunity. In this context, cultivating and maintaining a healthy relationship with your landlord should be one of your top priorities. This means that you should know your rights and obligations and spare no effort to preserve an ideal balance between these two distinctive categories. In short, here are a few punctual tips allowing Californian tenants to prevent unpleasant surprises and stay on good terms with your landlord.

Put Pen to Paper. Have a complaint or a suggestion? Put it in writing. You know what they say: words fly, writings remain. Let’s assume that you would want your new landlord to fix something in your apartment. Written requests tend to be more effective than oral ones. Furthermore, if your landlord were to deliberately neglect your demands, the copies of the written request that you already sent him would reflect his lack of cooperation.

Know Your Rights. Don’t fall for the tricks of sneaky landlords who are only interested in making a quick profit. Knowledge is power. Know and understand your rights to make life as a tenant even more enjoyable. First of all, you are entitled to occupy a 100% habitable rental. This means that your livable premises should offer you a more than satisfactory level of comfort and be clean, structurally safe and sanitary. Also, you should be able to have unlimited access to heat, electricity and water. Your landlord has the obligation to keep the rental that you are occupying in excellent condition. If your letter doesn’t keep his side of the bargain, you have a several alternatives at hand. For instance, you could get in touch with the building inspector and ask him to address this issue, or you could pay for the repairs that need to be performed and ask your landlord to deduct the amount from your monthly rent payment.

Get Insured. Want to avoid worst case scenarios (involving potential legal complications) that were to emerge if someone would get injured on the rented premises? Would you like to protect yourself against several other risk factors that the landlord’s insurance policy may not cover, such as property damage or theft? In this case, consider investing in a renter’s insurance policy. This type of preventive measure can cost you anywhere from $350 to $50,000. If these numbers don’t exactly fit your lifestyle and budget, note that you could always settle for cheaper policies that still have your back covered.

If you want to make sure that your rental is a safe bet from all points of view, you may need a little bit of assistance from a team of pros who are familiar with the complex Californian real estate market. Apartment Hunterz can put you in touch with the very best landlords with a spotless reputation and allow you to spend unforgettable moments in superb rentals that never disappoint.


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5 Advantages of Renting a Luxury Apartment in California

Modern Apartments With Swimming PoolsYou have always been very calculated. You never throw money out the window and tend to think twice before investing a significant amount of money in a property. You are not filthy rich but at the same time you count on a consistent source of income and aren’t afraid of what tomorrow may bring. In this context, you could consider upgrading your lifestyle and improving your level of comfort by renting a luxury apartment in California. These types of properties usually come with an endless list of advantages. First of all, you couldn’t possibly ignore their prime location. You would be living in one of the most sought-after ZIP codes and would get the chance to establish solid connections with your white-collar, refined neighbors who also love the finest things in life. The exceptional location is a sweet part of the deal. Here are five other reasons why you should get the keys to a high-end property right away.

  1. Cool Amenities. High ceilings, beautiful and super expensive artwork, fur rugs, an enormous fireplace, an onsite pool and a gym/wellness center are only a few reasons why you may feel tempted to rent a fantastic apartment that comes with a hefty price tag. If you can afford it, go for it and enjoy all these spectacular amenities that have been designed with the sophisticated tenant in mind.
  2. Improved Security Measures. Luxury properties are located in ultra-safe neighborhoods. On top of that, most of them also come with state-of-the-art security systems and home automation. Want to control your home at a touch of a button? If you wish to live in a safer environment that would deter burglars by default, go for a pricier property that could offer you the highest level of privacy and protection.
  3. Peace and Quiet. When you live in an upscale neighborhood and have the keys to a gorgeous rental in your pocket, you automatically detach yourself from everyday problems revolving around noisy neighbors and the screaming coming from the bar that’s just around the corner. You can enjoy as much “me-time” as you need, while making the most of the peace and quiet that you’ve always wanted in your life.
  4. Flexibility and an Improved Level of Comfort. Rentals involve a minimal level of commitment. In other words, when you rent an apartment you can afford to make or change plans and hunt down every opportunity that might present itself at some point. On top of that, luxury rentals let you experience a superior level of convenience and comfort and can become your oasis of relaxation after a long day spent at the office.
  5. The Chance to Live in an Apartment That You Wouldn’t Afford to Own. Last but not least, you can’t ignore the fact that a rental allows you to profit from all the amenities and opulent ambiance of a property that you wouldn’t be able to buy.

One of the biggest mistakes that you could ever make would be to try to “read” and understand the Californian luxury rental market on your own. If you can’t interpret the numbers or assess the real value of an apartment that you could see yourself in, rely on Apartment Hunterz, the largest Californian apartment finder, to spot the coolest, most modern and sophisticated rentals in your price range.


Things That You Should Consider Before Buying a Luxury Home in California

Luxury homeIf you are lucky enough to count on a big budget for your upcoming house hunt, choose to spare no expenses when it comes to finding the perfect luxury Californian home. But what exactly should you expect from this type of property? Naturally, you want it to be big, bright and beautiful. On top of that, you would also want it to display a few fabulous extras that could help you generate neighborhood envy.  A large indoor pool, tennis court and a golf course may be on your wish list. You can have all this and more. Nonetheless, before signing on the dotted line, you may want to pay extra attention to the following aspects.

Location Is One of the Most Important Factors That You Should Consider. Even if you may not be able to purchase a house right next to the one owned by Katy Perry or Justin Beiber, this doesn’t mean that you should think that all your other options are equally tempting. They aren’t. Your ZIP code will always influence the end value of your property. Moreover, you may be able to repaint your home, change its roof and even expand it to accommodate new family members, but you will never be able to lift it off the ground and change its location. Therefore, if you have always wanted to live in a white collar area where you could be surrounded by urban sophisticates, you may want to relocate to one of the most popular cities that basically dominate the West Coast, like San Francisco or Los Angeles.

Assess the Resale Value of the Property. Every home is unique in its own way. But the question is this: does it have what it takes to attract a large segment of future buyers? If you were to purchase it now, would you be able to resell it profitably after a few years? Try to keep a balance between what your head and your heart are telling you and don’t let the luxurious additions trick you into spending more on a property that won’t let you justify your investment in the long run. Too-large or over-specialized homes are rarely a good deal, especially when you want to buy a second home that you may want to flip after some time.

Make Sure Your Property Can Accommodate Potential Lifestyle Changes. Would you manage to make any changes related to the structure and décor of your potential new home? Could you turn a closet into a spare bedroom? Would you be able to expand your Californian house both up and out? If the luxury property of your choice doesn’t offer you the possibility to adapt to lifestyle changes, then you may be shedding a lot of cash on something that will no longer meet your needs in a few years.

Focus on an In-Depth Analysis and Count on the Best Source of Information. Accurate stats revolving around the number of properties that have already been sold in your favorite location, the number of homes that are still available on the market and the list-price-to-sale-price of all properties meeting your criteria could represent a powerful leverage during negotiations.

Don’t forget that buying a luxury home is an important step that should not be taken lightly. Limit your risks and maximize your odds of success by involving Apartment Hunterz in your house hunt. Knowledge, skills and expertise in the Californian real estate market will enable you to make a smart investment and enjoy a wonderful buying experience.


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Cheapest Places in California Where You Could Rent a House or an Apartment

Shared ApartmentIt’s not always easy to start fresh in a big city, especially when you’re far from being financially independent. Even so, if you have been on your own two feet for most of your life, are self-motivated and wish to profit from the most tempting opportunities that your stay in California has to offer, chances are that you will fulfill all your goals in no time. Before you get all tangled up in more or less ambitious long-term plans, focus on the basics: where would you like to live? Or better yet, in which cities would you actually be able to afford to pay rent? If you are currently pinching pennies, you may want to relocate to a rural area, where you will spend less money on rent. However, do note that finding a proper job matching your qualifications can be quite tricky in this area.

Furthermore, two people who form a couple and count on minimum wages would be able to rent a house in several attractive northern parts of California, like Eureka, McKinnkeyville or Crescent City. In these parts of the state locals usually deal with a lot of fog, but this small inconvenience shouldn’t be considered a major drawback, especially when sunnier, warmer areas are only a short drive away.

Let’s Talk Money!

If you want to find a decent roof over your head without spending a fortune on your accommodation option, consider relocating to Eureka. Here you could get the keys to a 2,400 square feet house with 3 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms for only 800 dollars per month. If you were to share this property with one other couple you would experience tremendous savings and still enjoy a high level of privacy and comfort. Generally speaking, rentals are in the $750-1,700 range depending on size, exact location and amenities. Crescent City is another decent pick, especially if you want to save big on rent. In this area, you could find a 3-bedroom home that comes with key benefits such as on-site laundry or offsite parking for just a little over $750 per month. If you can afford to spend anywhere from $800 to $1,500 on rent, you will reach the conclusion that adapting to the new lifestyle in this city is fairly easy.

What Kind of Compromises Should You Actually Make?

Is it really worth it to rent a new place in a city that doesn’t really support your job-related ambitions? Should you target shabbier homes located in less chic neighborhoods with a high crime rate just because you want to cut down your monthly expenses? Of course not! It’s always better to dream big and find the simplest way to turn your fantasies into a part of your daily reality. Did you know that San Francisco is currently seen as the best places where you can kickstart your carrier? Finding a fabulous, fairly affordable home here or in any other prosperous and popular Californian city will become an easy task as long as you involve Apartment Hunterz in your search.

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