3 Home Remodeling Ideas That Won’t Help You Attract More Potential Buyers for Your Californian Home  

Attractive young adult couple looking at house plans.Just like any homeowner, you know that the devil is in the details. This is precisely why you have decided to invest a significant amount of money in a complete home remodeling process. But do you actually know which of the changes that you feel ready to implement are actually buyer-oriented and which ones are a mere waste of precious time and money? It’s not always easy to keep a clear head and stay objective, especially when it comes to adding value to your real estate property. Some additions that you may find useful and extremely attractive could be cataloged by your prospects as dull and inconvenient. Want to stay in the safe zone and spend your money wisely? Here are 3 terrible extreme makeover ideas that you’re better off without.

1. Swimming Pools. Naturally, as a proud homeowner of a gorgeous Californian house, you are inclined to think that a large pool would manage to boost the value of your property in no time and make prospects fight over it. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Potential buyers with limited financial possibilities could associate lavishing swimming pools with dangerous liability, ridiculous maintenance costs and a lot of extra work. In short, swimming pools won’t really help you hit the jackpot, especially if your goal is to attract a larger segment of prospects.

2. Upscale Upgrades. Real estate experts tend to agree that most homeowners waste a ton of cash on expensive kitchen and bathroom remodel work. In case you are getting ready to follow the same path, you should know that high-end additions installed in your indoor space won’t necessarily bring you the leverage that you are expecting. On the contrary, pricy upgrades like imported tiles, exquisite marble countertops and custom made cabinets could overbalance your budget without triggering any benefits. Your buyers might actually hate them. After all, people have different tastes and are fond of different interior décor style. This is precisely why minimalist spaces attract clients like a magnet: they represent a blank canvas that your prospects would like to paint and embellish according to their very own creative vision and aesthetic goals.

3. Pricy and Time-Consuming Landscaping. You invest at least 5 hours in gardening because this leisure activity relaxes you. But would a couple with 5 kids really appreciate your exotic plants and the time, money and energy you have constantly invested in them? Probably not! Most of your home hunters won’t afford to hire a professional landscaper and have very little desire to take care of your rare cannibal plants, iron fences and mini waterfalls.

These 3 home remodel projects may match your taste and budget, but they could also disappoint you in the long run, as they don’t always add real value to your Californian property. This is why it would be better to turn your home into a neutral yet cozy and modern place and let your buyers conduct the remodel work that they feel comfortable with.

Sep 2014