5 Things That Your Landlord Will Probably Never Tell You

Couple Get a Key to a New HomePlanning on relocating to California? This sunny state will definitely surprise you with its friendly climate, exceptional beachfront vacation rentals, awesome clubs and restaurants and the finest Mexican food that you have ever tasted. But unless you are a millionaire or you are getting ready to tap your retirement funds to buy a Californian home, chances are that you will start your new life in this state as a tenant. Truth be told, renting a decent place in California can be quite a rewarding experience, especially when you know what to expect from your landlord. Here are 5 important things that most landlords choose to keep to themselves.

  1. I Will Increase Your Rent. You are currently living from paycheck to paycheck, so you always try to justify all your expenses. But your landlord doesn’t care about that. If you live in an area where there is no such thing as rent control, you could easily become the victim of a greedy landlord who may decide to make your rent go through the roof, despite the fact that you constantly pay everything on time and the building hasn’t undergone major transformation.
  2. I Won’t Fix That. Some landlords aren’t exactly dependable, especially when it comes to performing costly repairs. If you’re dealing with a clogged toilet or a leak you might have to fix this problem on your own or be willing to put up with your landlord’s delays and excuses.
  3. My Property Is Not a Hotel. Do you really think that you could let all your friends crash on your couch whenever, for as long as they want? Your landlord may beg to differ. In some cases, the renter could have very clear policies related to overnight guests. These guidelines and regulations could also be listed in your rental agreement. Failure to comply with your landlord’s rules could attract penalties and an unexpected rent increase.
  4. You Can Kiss Your Security Deposit Goodbye. You should also know that unscrupulous landlords will always find a reason to stop you from getting your security deposit back. Maybe you’ve performed minor décor changes. Perhaps not all the old appliances available in the apartment look or function as they did a year ago, when you signed the lease or rental agreement. All in all, there are millions of more or less legitimate motives that your landlord could rely on to keep your security deposit.
  5. My Previous Tenant Got a Better Deal. It’s your job to learn how to negotiate your lease. Usually renters are quite flexible and won’t hesitate to offer a fair deal to the ideal tenant that is less likely to cause trouble.

These are only 5 of the most important secrets that landlords like to keep. However, an inquisitive attitude and a great attention to detail can help you read between the lines and avoid misunderstandings and surprises that could turn a rental agreement into the beginning of a real nightmare.

Sep 2014