5 Things Every Newcomer Should Do in Pasadena

pasadena1Pasadena is a wonderful Californian city famous for its Tournament of Roses Parade that is organized on January 1st on an annual basis. When other American cities are covered in thick layers of snow, Pasadena is celebrating its blooming flowers. Pasadena is the 180th-biggest American city, renowned for its prominent scientific and cultural heritage, which represents a fantastic destination for people who are fond of warm, welcoming environments where no two moments are alike. Wondering how you could spend your spare time in Pasadena? Here are a few suggestions that you may find useful.

Eat and Drink Well. In Pasadena, all roads lead to chic restaurants allowing for the most of incredible fine wining and dining experiences. If you’re craving for some mouthwatering Italian food, you could always book a table at Trattoria Neapolis. In case you miss the authentic taste of good old-fashioned American specialties, make a reservation at Pie’n Burger or at Ruth’s Chris Steak House.

Shop Like a Local. What happens when you need new clothes and accessories? Where could you find the best fresh ingredients for your homemade treats? Luckily, Pasadena has at least one great answer to any shopping-related question that you may have on your mind. The Old Pasadena Farmers Market is the place where you could fill your bags with fresh, tasty fruits and veggies handpicked by friendly farmers. Once you get here, don’t forget to sample the delicious BBQ pork and potato salad offered by various vendors. In case you need more than flowers and fresh products that you can put on your dinner table, don’t forget to enjoy a prolonged shopping spree at One Colorado or Old Pasadena to discover unbelievable deals in your favorite designer shops.

Stay in Shape by Visiting Local Gyms and Wellness Centers. After a long day spent at the office, you deserve a break. Choose to unwind and relax in one of the many Pasadena-based wellness centers, like Dao Wellness Center, Dr. Michael’s Wellness Center or Gifted Hands Therapeutic Wellness Center.

Enjoy the Natural Beauty of Pasadena’s Parks. Want to enjoy a breath of fresh air far from the madding crowd? Pasadena encompasses some of the most serene and naturally beautiful parks that you will ever explore, where you could play your favorite sports, organize a picnic or simply rest on the grass and contemplate the sky. For some quiet time with your loves ones, don’t forget to visit Jefferson’s Recreational Center and Alice’s Dog Park.

Rent or Buy a Home. All the details mentioned above sound like a lot of fun, but your top priority is to find a great home for sale or a Pasadena rental that won’t leave you high and dry. A 3-bedroom single-family house located in East Central Pasadena could cost you around $780,000 dollars. You could also spot properties in the 300,000 and 400,000 dollars range in South East and West Central Pasadena. If you don’t have that much money in your bank account and would much rather rent a place, note that you could always find attractive townhouses that won’t cost more than 2,500 dollars per month. A pet-friendly apartment may cost you anywhere from $1,700 to $2.200 and up, depending on its size, condition and location.

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Sep 2014