Best Budget-Friendly Places to Retire in California

 Image of a beautiful Desert home in california as real Estate saHow do you plan to celebrate your retirement? After coping with the stress associated with a very demanding job and long commuting routes for many decades in a row, you probably want to retire comfortably in a fantastic Californian city offering convenient accommodation options. But this doesn’t mean that you are willing to settle for anything that your money can buy. After numerous years of hard work, you can afford to be picky. Even if you don’t count on a generous pension, you can still target more than a few cities with a reasonable cost of living where you could become a part of a welcoming community and maintain an active, fulfilling lifestyle. Therefore, if you are on a quest to find the very best California-based budget-friendly relocation alternatives for senior citizens, start by taking a closer look at our three favorite picks.

1. Eureka. If you are a big fan of small cities that have very little in common with overcrowded urban areas, pollution, noise and traffic congestions, consider moving to Eureka. This city has a mild climate that you will definitely appreciate; moreover, it is well-liked for its pristine surroundings, tall redwood trees, marvelous beaches where you’ll be less bothered by annoying tourists, and old Victorian homes with a view. The median home prices are in the 200,000 dollars range, so you could definitely consider buying a new roof over your head in this area.

2. Rio Vista. Home to approximately 8,000 people, Rio Vista is another exceptional option for senior citizens who are looking forward to relocating to California. Here you could revive your social life by attending different events organized by the revamped local senior center. If you ever get tired of the small city life and its rather limited shopping and entertainment options, you could always drive to Sacramento or Oakland; both destinations are only one hour’s drive away. Rentals can be scarce in small Californian cities; nonetheless proper research and patience will pay off for those who are exploring the Rio Vista real estate market.  A 2-bedroom house could cost you around 800 dollars per month. This amount is definitely pocket change, compared to the thousands of dollars that you would be forced to spend on properties located in the most popular Californian cites that are considered a real magnet for tourists and deep-pocketed tenants.

3. Palm Springs. Palm Springs is also a more than decent pick worthy of your attention, mostly due to cultural heritage, fabulous golf courses, desert climate and scenic landscape. You would probably expect to spend a fortune on a home located in this area. As a matter of fact, houses are quite affordable. The median home price is estimated at $289,000. This quiet and relatively safe city is famous for its events and exiting outdoor activities designed to help senior citizens stay in excellent shape and improve their quality of life.

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