Where to Start Your Californian Vacation Rental Hunt

California high palm trees purple sunset sky silhouette backgrouAfter an entire year of hard work, you are probably counting the days until your much-awaited vacation. If you have recently bought your flight to Cali, chances are that you may still be looking for amazing accommodation options that you could afford. Do you still think that hotels are a lot of fun? Well, most of us probably wouldn’t say no to room service, luxurious rooms and onsite wellness centers, but a large category of Californian vacation rentals can bring you an even more appealing package, letting you experience a level of comfort that you wouldn’t even dare to dream about. So how could you spot the best deals in terms on the local real estate market?

List Your Must-See Spots. If you are planning a trip to California, start by setting your priorities straight. There are quite a few popular vacation destinations that truly deserve to rank high on your “to see” list. For instance, a few days spent in the Napa Valley would allow you to discover the specific of the most reputable wine-growing U.S.-based region, visit quaint towns, rent a countryside cottage and see life from a different perspective. Not a big fan of wine tastings? In this case, put your finger on the map and start calculating the distance between your current location and Santa Monica. The coast of Los Angeles will take you by surprise with its vibrant atmosphere, cool restaurants and coffee shops and late-night entertainment alternatives.

If you’re dreaming about a more exotic sojourn in the desert, don’t hesitate to pack your bags and go to Palm Springs, where you could find many affordable housing options and recharge your batteries while breathing the fresh air and contemplating the mountain scenery. Would you rather channel your inner happy camper? Yosemite National Park lets you explore this side of your personality. In this grand national park you can enjoy your favorite hobbies, including rock climbing, hiking and mountain biking. If you’re travelling with your youngsters, it may be a great idea to get acquainted with one of the most popular theme parks in the U.S. Disneyland is located south of L.A. and can ensure a wonderful, unique experience for all your family members.

Go for Areas That Are Known for Their Affordable Accommodation Options. Not all landlords are determined to rip you off. As a matter of fact, owners and property managers can be quite flexible, friendly and dependable, especially when have been dealing with vacancy for a longer period of time. Rather than targeting hot spots that attract millions of tourists worldwide, choose to spend your vacation in underrated places that will help you save big on accommodation options and have the time of your life. For instance, a spacious beach house in Santa Cruz can cost you anywhere from 350 to 595 dollars around this time of the year. If you can form a larger group you can split the costs and spend a wonderful budget-friendly vacation that you will always remember.

No matter what kind of vacation rental you may be looking for we can help you find it in no time, with minimal effort. Just select your ideal destinations and rely on Apartment Hunterz to profit from a simplified, successful vacation rental hunt.

Sep 2014