3 Great Things about Stockton That You Probably Didn’t Know

Waterfront Cityscape ReflectionStockton is the 13th biggest city in California. Home to more than 291,000 people, it represents a great destination for newcomers seeking quality entertainment, affordable housing options and tempting career opportunities. This is the place where young families could decide to relocate, without being forced to cope with a ridiculously high cost of living. Wondering what other surprises may Stockton have in store for you? Here are 3 things that you most likely didn’t know about this awesome Californian city.

  1. Stockton Has Some of the Most Renowned Orchestras and Music Schools. Good music makes the future sound better. If you are a big fan of amazing musical performances, you should know that Stockton has the third oldest, most reputable professional orchestra in the U.S., after Los Angeles and San Francisco. The San Joaquin Delta College has developed a jazz program and has also facilitated the ascension of several jazz bands comprising some of the most accomplished Pacific and Delta Students. The University of the Pacific is also well-known for the Brubeck Institute (named after the one and only Dave Brubeck, a real legend admired by most jazz piano fans). Furthermore, Stockton is also famous for its first-class concert venues that have enabled locals and tourists to watch the live performance of several top-rated celebs, including Ozzy Osbourne, Bob Dylan and Gwen Stefani. Indeed, your passion for great music could compel you to buy a house in Stockton, the city of legendary musical performances.
  2. Stockton Gives You Plenty of Things to Do. Who could get bored in Stockton? After all, this vibrant Californian city will always surprise you with new attractions that could become your key points of interest. For instance, during weekends you could take your youngsters by the hand and let them visit the Children’s Museum of Stockton, where they could use different kinds of tools and equipment to perform the daily tasks of bankers, doctors or merchants. If you’d rather go for a romantic walk with your significant other, you could spend a few magical moments at the Downtown Marina and Joan Darrah Promenade. Here you may want to attend sports events, watch a good movie or enjoy a hearty meal in a local restaurant.
  3. Stockton Lets You Choose from Different Affordable Accommodation Options. Want to rent or buy a home in Stockton? We’ll tell you this much: you won’t need to break the bank to make it happen. A 2-bedroom fully furnished home could cost you less than 1,000 dollars per month. If you’d rather leave your nomadic lifestyle behind and settle down here, you should know that the median home value in Stockton is $185,200 and the median price of properties that have already been sold is 192, 450 dollars. These numbers reflect that the local real estate market provides plenty of opportunities, even for younger families counting on a relatively small budget for their relocation.

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