4 Riverside Attractions That Will Convince You to Buy or Rent a Place in This City

Sitting area with sunlit lawn against mountainIf you are dying to get acquainted with one of the most amazing Californian cities in the Riverside County, don’t hesitate to plan a great trip to Riverside and make the most of everything that it has to offer. Riverside is home to the biggest and one of the most renowned Mission Revive Style constructions in the U.S, the Mission Inn, and also represents the birthplace of the flourishing Californian citrus industry. Most importantly, Riverside is a fantastic city that knows how to preserve a modern urban vibe without neglecting or defying its centuries-old architectural and cultural legacy. Here are 4 top-rated Riverside attractions that could convince you to buy rent a place in this area.

California Citrus State Historic Park. California is worldwide famous for its citrus industry. Since this business started in Riverside, this city has supported the development of the California Citrus State Historic Park, a beautiful citrus paradise encompassing no less than 377 acres of fertile land. You don’t need a reservation to perfect your citrus education by enjoying a docent tour.

Fox Performing Arts Center. Do arts and culture play an important part in your life? If the answer is yes, chances are that you’ll love it here. After all, Riverside is the home of the Fox Performing Arts Center. Here you’ll be able to contemplate an old, but well-maintained theater that is fairly close to the Mission Inn, get decently-priced tickets to a good concert and book a table at one of the many first-class restaurants located in this area.

Van Buren Drive-In Theatre. Do you get a bit nostalgic when you think about the good old days when you were able to see a movie in your own car in front of a giant projector, while drinking soda and eating popcorn with your fellows? Fortunately, the Van Buren Drive-in Theatre lets you relive this fantasy, by watching a great production under the stars.

March Field Air Museum. Numerous kids and grownups have a thing forspaceships and the complex and always intriguing world of flight. If you also share this passion, don’t forget to visit the March Field Air Museum. In most cases, a short visit is never enough. This place is filled with bits and pieces of history that deserve to be rememorized. With 2 hangers containing planes and various other historical displays, this museum remains a must-see for locals and newcomers of all ages.

What about the Local Real Estate Market? All these amazing local attractions may encourage you to relocate to this city, but does the Riverside real estate market actually support this move? Fortunately, it does! The median price of properties currently available on the market is estimated at $319,000, while the median price of homes that have already been sold is in the $308,000 range. The median rental rate in Riverside is $1,529 and exceeds the Riverside Metro Median (1,500 dollars) by only 29 dollars.

All in all, Riverside has everything it takes to become the place that you can call home. If you want to facilitate your upcoming home hunt, count on our large database, skills and connections to get the keys to the Californian property that you’ve always wanted to rent or own.

Sep 2014