5 Essential Questions That You Probably Ask Yourself before Investing in a Vacation Rental

Florida Cottage Style RentalYou’ve always wanted to live your own version of the Californian dream. At this point, you are finally able to take a few weeks off work and enjoy the hot sun, the nice, clean sandy beaches and the endless strings of clubs, bars and elegant restaurants. Maybe you’ll spend a few days in Napa Valley only to recharge your batteries and get ready for all the nights of partying and quality entertainment that wait for you in Santa Monica. No matter what your vacation plan sounds like, make sure you know how to choose your vacation rental wisely. Here are five main aspects that you should clarify before getting the keys to that cute little cottage or that lavishing Californian 5-bedroom mansion.

  1. How Much Money Can I Afford to Spend on My Accommodation Option? Set up a budget for your holiday and determine how much money you could actually spend on your rental. Rates may vary a great deal, based on your destination, season, amenities and square footage. For instance, a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment located in Kentwood, Napa, could cost you anywhere from 1,490 to 2,500 dollars per month, while a decent Santa Monica vacation rental may take 147 dollars per night out of your pockets.
  2. Should I Sign a Rental Agreement? The answer to this question is always affirmative. A rental agreement will help you attain peace of mind, by helping you prevent unpleasant surprises and misunderstandings.
  3. What Kind of Amenities Should I List as Must-Haves? In the end, the choice is up to you. It all depends on how you wish to spend your holiday and the ambiance that you want to recreate. Some enjoy the countryside and wouldn’t rent anything else than a quaint, tiny cottage for anything in the world, while others are fond of the 5-star hotel experience. No matter how you choose to spend your money, a fully-furnished apartment where you could have a decent cup of coffee and a frugal dinner or a glass of wine in the evening may be all you really need to create the best memories in any Californian city. However, do note that the Californian real estate market is truly diverse and you can stumble across plenty of unfurnished apartments, small, elegant studios, cottages with picturesque gardens and superb villas that are all about comfort, style and sophistication.
  4. How Could I Make Sure That the Landlord Is a Reliable Person? Make sure you can reach your landlord by phone or email at any given point in time. Don’t trust landlords who are “out of town on business” for an infinite period of time. When it doubt, just go online and start looking for past guest references, reviews and/or comments. If you can’t find anything on a certain property, you may want to turn to other options that have already been vetted by other tourists.
  5. How Could I Find the Perfect Vacation Rental Fast and Easy? Why take any chances when it comes to planning your vacation, when you can eliminate all risks and doubts by simply letting Apartment Hunterz guide your search? We can help you find the most convenient vacation rentals in your favorite Californian ZIP codes. We bring you thousands of exceptional listings at your fingertips, making it easier for you to make an educated decision.
Sep 2014