3 Child-Friendly Californian Cities That Are All About Non-Stop Family Fun

Beautiful family enjoying sunny day at the beach.As a young adult, you just want to be fortunate enough to sit on a beach chair in Malibu and enjoy an ice-cold colorful fruity cocktail. But when you’re travelling with your entire family and juggling all the responsibilities that married life brings along, choosing the most suitable holiday destination can be quite difficult. You wish to check out the finest restaurants in the area, while your kids just want to build sand castles. To keep everyone happy, we advise you to spend at least a few days in three exceptional cities that are famous for their kid-friendly attractions and friendly rental market. San Jose. San Jose also gives kids something to remember and talk about. San Jose is famous for its Tech Museum of Innovation, where kids will get the chance to understand that learning can be fun. The Children’s Discovery Museum is another must-visit location featuring exhibits that can be touched and inspected by children of all ages. While you’re here, don’t forget to stop by the HP Pavilion, to see the impressive venue where several top-rated bands, including One Direction and New Kids on the Block, have performed not too long ago. San Diego. There is nothing more beautiful and exciting than a popular Californian city that has approximately 70 miles of gorgeous beachfront on one side, and a fantastic setting comprising flower fields and mountains in the opposite direction. San Diego has plenty of attractions for kids and teens, including the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, which is home to approximately 3,500 exotic and rare animals. Your youngsters would be able to feet lorikeets and pygmy goats and explore walking trails all day long. South Lake Tahoe. If you’re travelling with your youngest relatives, South Lake Tahoe is another spectacular destination that you should consider. This area encompasses some of the most amazing kid-friendly attractions and offers your family members everything they may need to have a great time: from arcade games to helicopter rides, hot-air balloons and miniature golf. These are only a few of the ingredients that could help you keep the fun going during your holiday. Moreover, this place also lets you profit from convenient deals on the rental market. A 600-800 square feet apartment located in this area could cost you anywhere from 750 dollars to 950 dollars and up. For a larger 5-bedroom house situated in South Lake Tahoe you should be prepared to spend around 3,000 dollars per month. Finding the best vacation rentals is not always easy, especially when you are travelling with kids and trying to recreate the best holiday experience without exceeding your initial budget. If you are currently looking for accessible kid-friendly vacation rentals, let the pros from Apartment Hunterz guide your search. When you can choose from one of the largest collection of excellent listings, you have higher odds of stumbling across the perfect house or apartment that could put a smile on your face during your vacation.

Sep 2014