3 Reasons Why You’re Not Selling Your Californian House (Although You Desperately Want to)

For Sale SignSo far, you’ve invested a small fortune in remodeling work. You’ve spent hours and hours cleaning, polishing and de-cluttering. You’ve taken the prettiest pictures of your home and uploaded them on different websites. You’ve spread the word about your upcoming relocation and organized open houses. And still, 90 days and a few thousands of dollars later, you find yourself in an awkward position: the phone isn’t ringing. Buyers aren’t knocking at your door. What went wrong? Don’t blame it on bad karma. Here are a few reasons why your actions aren’t returning the desirable results.

You’ve Made Costly, Unnecessary Changes. You have decided to bend over backwards to attract buyers. But can those new, insanely expensive custom cabinets be considered a wise investment? Was it a smart decision to replace your flooring material, repaint all your rooms and purchase new artwork just to impress someone whom you don’t really know? Truth be told, very few buyers assess your interior décor when it comes to making a final decision. They will change the style of your home anyway, simply because they want their new house to reflect their own taste and personality. In this context, it becomes obvious that buying expensive extras (furniture, decorations and so on) is never a good idea, especially if you’re relocating on a tight budget.  Pricy new additions seldom pay for themselves. And you can’t just add another 20,000 dollars to your initial asking price simply because you had to have those paintings, rare marble countertops and designer bamboo cabinets.

You Have Overpriced Your Home. Don’t let your emotional attachment dictate the price of your home. Keep your feelings under control and try to evaluate your property in an objective manner. Go online and check out various listings to discover the price tags of similar homes located in your neighborhood. When in doubt, count on the expert opinion of a local real estate agent. An overpriced home instantly deters a large category of clients simply because it leaves very little room for negotiations.

You’ve Neglect Crucial Repairs. Some homeowners go the extra mile to implement unnecessary, pricy additions (gym rooms, pools, indoor spas, walk-in closets) and focus less on repairs and home improvements that are actually mandatory. Before putting a ton of money in your property to boost its curb appeal and attract more prospects, pay attention to potential flaws that could impact its electrical and plumbing systems. Leaks, clogged toilets and damaged wires posing an elevated risk of electrocution will put your buyers on the run and delay your home selling. If you don’t know how to evaluate the current condition of your house, don’t hesitate to call a professional who can conduct a meticulous home inspection. After a thorough inspection, you will manage to identify and address concerns affecting the end value of your property.


Sep 2014
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