3 Child-Friendly Californian Cities That Are All About Non-Stop Family Fun

Beautiful family enjoying sunny day at the beach.As a young adult, you just want to be fortunate enough to sit on a beach chair in Malibu and enjoy an ice-cold colorful fruity cocktail. But when you’re travelling with your entire family and juggling all the responsibilities that married life brings along, choosing the most suitable holiday destination can be quite difficult. You wish to check out the finest restaurants in the area, while your kids just want to build sand castles. To keep everyone happy, we advise you to spend at least a few days in three exceptional cities that are famous for their kid-friendly attractions and friendly rental market. San Jose. San Jose also gives kids something to remember and talk about. San Jose is famous for its Tech Museum of Innovation, where kids will get the chance to understand that learning can be fun. The Children’s Discovery Museum is another must-visit location featuring exhibits that can be touched and inspected by children of all ages. While you’re here, don’t forget to stop by the HP Pavilion, to see the impressive venue where several top-rated bands, including One Direction and New Kids on the Block, have performed not too long ago. San Diego. There is nothing more beautiful and exciting than a popular Californian city that has approximately 70 miles of gorgeous beachfront on one side, and a fantastic setting comprising flower fields and mountains in the opposite direction. San Diego has plenty of attractions for kids and teens, including the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, which is home to approximately 3,500 exotic and rare animals. Your youngsters would be able to feet lorikeets and pygmy goats and explore walking trails all day long. South Lake Tahoe. If you’re travelling with your youngest relatives, South Lake Tahoe is another spectacular destination that you should consider. This area encompasses some of the most amazing kid-friendly attractions and offers your family members everything they may need to have a great time: from arcade games to helicopter rides, hot-air balloons and miniature golf. These are only a few of the ingredients that could help you keep the fun going during your holiday. Moreover, this place also lets you profit from convenient deals on the rental market. A 600-800 square feet apartment located in this area could cost you anywhere from 750 dollars to 950 dollars and up. For a larger 5-bedroom house situated in South Lake Tahoe you should be prepared to spend around 3,000 dollars per month. Finding the best vacation rentals is not always easy, especially when you are travelling with kids and trying to recreate the best holiday experience without exceeding your initial budget. If you are currently looking for accessible kid-friendly vacation rentals, let the pros from Apartment Hunterz guide your search. When you can choose from one of the largest collection of excellent listings, you have higher odds of stumbling across the perfect house or apartment that could put a smile on your face during your vacation.

Sep 2014

5 Essential Questions That You Probably Ask Yourself before Investing in a Vacation Rental

Florida Cottage Style RentalYou’ve always wanted to live your own version of the Californian dream. At this point, you are finally able to take a few weeks off work and enjoy the hot sun, the nice, clean sandy beaches and the endless strings of clubs, bars and elegant restaurants. Maybe you’ll spend a few days in Napa Valley only to recharge your batteries and get ready for all the nights of partying and quality entertainment that wait for you in Santa Monica. No matter what your vacation plan sounds like, make sure you know how to choose your vacation rental wisely. Here are five main aspects that you should clarify before getting the keys to that cute little cottage or that lavishing Californian 5-bedroom mansion.

  1. How Much Money Can I Afford to Spend on My Accommodation Option? Set up a budget for your holiday and determine how much money you could actually spend on your rental. Rates may vary a great deal, based on your destination, season, amenities and square footage. For instance, a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment located in Kentwood, Napa, could cost you anywhere from 1,490 to 2,500 dollars per month, while a decent Santa Monica vacation rental may take 147 dollars per night out of your pockets.
  2. Should I Sign a Rental Agreement? The answer to this question is always affirmative. A rental agreement will help you attain peace of mind, by helping you prevent unpleasant surprises and misunderstandings.
  3. What Kind of Amenities Should I List as Must-Haves? In the end, the choice is up to you. It all depends on how you wish to spend your holiday and the ambiance that you want to recreate. Some enjoy the countryside and wouldn’t rent anything else than a quaint, tiny cottage for anything in the world, while others are fond of the 5-star hotel experience. No matter how you choose to spend your money, a fully-furnished apartment where you could have a decent cup of coffee and a frugal dinner or a glass of wine in the evening may be all you really need to create the best memories in any Californian city. However, do note that the Californian real estate market is truly diverse and you can stumble across plenty of unfurnished apartments, small, elegant studios, cottages with picturesque gardens and superb villas that are all about comfort, style and sophistication.
  4. How Could I Make Sure That the Landlord Is a Reliable Person? Make sure you can reach your landlord by phone or email at any given point in time. Don’t trust landlords who are “out of town on business” for an infinite period of time. When it doubt, just go online and start looking for past guest references, reviews and/or comments. If you can’t find anything on a certain property, you may want to turn to other options that have already been vetted by other tourists.
  5. How Could I Find the Perfect Vacation Rental Fast and Easy? Why take any chances when it comes to planning your vacation, when you can eliminate all risks and doubts by simply letting Apartment Hunterz guide your search? We can help you find the most convenient vacation rentals in your favorite Californian ZIP codes. We bring you thousands of exceptional listings at your fingertips, making it easier for you to make an educated decision.
Sep 2014

4 Riverside Attractions That Will Convince You to Buy or Rent a Place in This City

Sitting area with sunlit lawn against mountainIf you are dying to get acquainted with one of the most amazing Californian cities in the Riverside County, don’t hesitate to plan a great trip to Riverside and make the most of everything that it has to offer. Riverside is home to the biggest and one of the most renowned Mission Revive Style constructions in the U.S, the Mission Inn, and also represents the birthplace of the flourishing Californian citrus industry. Most importantly, Riverside is a fantastic city that knows how to preserve a modern urban vibe without neglecting or defying its centuries-old architectural and cultural legacy. Here are 4 top-rated Riverside attractions that could convince you to buy rent a place in this area.

California Citrus State Historic Park. California is worldwide famous for its citrus industry. Since this business started in Riverside, this city has supported the development of the California Citrus State Historic Park, a beautiful citrus paradise encompassing no less than 377 acres of fertile land. You don’t need a reservation to perfect your citrus education by enjoying a docent tour.

Fox Performing Arts Center. Do arts and culture play an important part in your life? If the answer is yes, chances are that you’ll love it here. After all, Riverside is the home of the Fox Performing Arts Center. Here you’ll be able to contemplate an old, but well-maintained theater that is fairly close to the Mission Inn, get decently-priced tickets to a good concert and book a table at one of the many first-class restaurants located in this area.

Van Buren Drive-In Theatre. Do you get a bit nostalgic when you think about the good old days when you were able to see a movie in your own car in front of a giant projector, while drinking soda and eating popcorn with your fellows? Fortunately, the Van Buren Drive-in Theatre lets you relive this fantasy, by watching a great production under the stars.

March Field Air Museum. Numerous kids and grownups have a thing forspaceships and the complex and always intriguing world of flight. If you also share this passion, don’t forget to visit the March Field Air Museum. In most cases, a short visit is never enough. This place is filled with bits and pieces of history that deserve to be rememorized. With 2 hangers containing planes and various other historical displays, this museum remains a must-see for locals and newcomers of all ages.

What about the Local Real Estate Market? All these amazing local attractions may encourage you to relocate to this city, but does the Riverside real estate market actually support this move? Fortunately, it does! The median price of properties currently available on the market is estimated at $319,000, while the median price of homes that have already been sold is in the $308,000 range. The median rental rate in Riverside is $1,529 and exceeds the Riverside Metro Median (1,500 dollars) by only 29 dollars.

All in all, Riverside has everything it takes to become the place that you can call home. If you want to facilitate your upcoming home hunt, count on our large database, skills and connections to get the keys to the Californian property that you’ve always wanted to rent or own.

Sep 2014

3 Great Things about Stockton That You Probably Didn’t Know

Waterfront Cityscape ReflectionStockton is the 13th biggest city in California. Home to more than 291,000 people, it represents a great destination for newcomers seeking quality entertainment, affordable housing options and tempting career opportunities. This is the place where young families could decide to relocate, without being forced to cope with a ridiculously high cost of living. Wondering what other surprises may Stockton have in store for you? Here are 3 things that you most likely didn’t know about this awesome Californian city.

  1. Stockton Has Some of the Most Renowned Orchestras and Music Schools. Good music makes the future sound better. If you are a big fan of amazing musical performances, you should know that Stockton has the third oldest, most reputable professional orchestra in the U.S., after Los Angeles and San Francisco. The San Joaquin Delta College has developed a jazz program and has also facilitated the ascension of several jazz bands comprising some of the most accomplished Pacific and Delta Students. The University of the Pacific is also well-known for the Brubeck Institute (named after the one and only Dave Brubeck, a real legend admired by most jazz piano fans). Furthermore, Stockton is also famous for its first-class concert venues that have enabled locals and tourists to watch the live performance of several top-rated celebs, including Ozzy Osbourne, Bob Dylan and Gwen Stefani. Indeed, your passion for great music could compel you to buy a house in Stockton, the city of legendary musical performances.
  2. Stockton Gives You Plenty of Things to Do. Who could get bored in Stockton? After all, this vibrant Californian city will always surprise you with new attractions that could become your key points of interest. For instance, during weekends you could take your youngsters by the hand and let them visit the Children’s Museum of Stockton, where they could use different kinds of tools and equipment to perform the daily tasks of bankers, doctors or merchants. If you’d rather go for a romantic walk with your significant other, you could spend a few magical moments at the Downtown Marina and Joan Darrah Promenade. Here you may want to attend sports events, watch a good movie or enjoy a hearty meal in a local restaurant.
  3. Stockton Lets You Choose from Different Affordable Accommodation Options. Want to rent or buy a home in Stockton? We’ll tell you this much: you won’t need to break the bank to make it happen. A 2-bedroom fully furnished home could cost you less than 1,000 dollars per month. If you’d rather leave your nomadic lifestyle behind and settle down here, you should know that the median home value in Stockton is $185,200 and the median price of properties that have already been sold is 192, 450 dollars. These numbers reflect that the local real estate market provides plenty of opportunities, even for younger families counting on a relatively small budget for their relocation.

It may not be easy to uncover the best deals on your own, but with a little bit of help from Apartment Hunterz you could always find the most convenient rental rates, most beautiful real estate gems and the friendliest sellers, landlords and property managers who treat renters and potential buyers with the uttermost respect.


Where to Start Your Californian Vacation Rental Hunt

California high palm trees purple sunset sky silhouette backgrouAfter an entire year of hard work, you are probably counting the days until your much-awaited vacation. If you have recently bought your flight to Cali, chances are that you may still be looking for amazing accommodation options that you could afford. Do you still think that hotels are a lot of fun? Well, most of us probably wouldn’t say no to room service, luxurious rooms and onsite wellness centers, but a large category of Californian vacation rentals can bring you an even more appealing package, letting you experience a level of comfort that you wouldn’t even dare to dream about. So how could you spot the best deals in terms on the local real estate market?

List Your Must-See Spots. If you are planning a trip to California, start by setting your priorities straight. There are quite a few popular vacation destinations that truly deserve to rank high on your “to see” list. For instance, a few days spent in the Napa Valley would allow you to discover the specific of the most reputable wine-growing U.S.-based region, visit quaint towns, rent a countryside cottage and see life from a different perspective. Not a big fan of wine tastings? In this case, put your finger on the map and start calculating the distance between your current location and Santa Monica. The coast of Los Angeles will take you by surprise with its vibrant atmosphere, cool restaurants and coffee shops and late-night entertainment alternatives.

If you’re dreaming about a more exotic sojourn in the desert, don’t hesitate to pack your bags and go to Palm Springs, where you could find many affordable housing options and recharge your batteries while breathing the fresh air and contemplating the mountain scenery. Would you rather channel your inner happy camper? Yosemite National Park lets you explore this side of your personality. In this grand national park you can enjoy your favorite hobbies, including rock climbing, hiking and mountain biking. If you’re travelling with your youngsters, it may be a great idea to get acquainted with one of the most popular theme parks in the U.S. Disneyland is located south of L.A. and can ensure a wonderful, unique experience for all your family members.

Go for Areas That Are Known for Their Affordable Accommodation Options. Not all landlords are determined to rip you off. As a matter of fact, owners and property managers can be quite flexible, friendly and dependable, especially when have been dealing with vacancy for a longer period of time. Rather than targeting hot spots that attract millions of tourists worldwide, choose to spend your vacation in underrated places that will help you save big on accommodation options and have the time of your life. For instance, a spacious beach house in Santa Cruz can cost you anywhere from 350 to 595 dollars around this time of the year. If you can form a larger group you can split the costs and spend a wonderful budget-friendly vacation that you will always remember.

No matter what kind of vacation rental you may be looking for we can help you find it in no time, with minimal effort. Just select your ideal destinations and rely on Apartment Hunterz to profit from a simplified, successful vacation rental hunt.

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