Best Budget-Friendly Places to Retire in California

 Image of a beautiful Desert home in california as real Estate saHow do you plan to celebrate your retirement? After coping with the stress associated with a very demanding job and long commuting routes for many decades in a row, you probably want to retire comfortably in a fantastic Californian city offering convenient accommodation options. But this doesn’t mean that you are willing to settle for anything that your money can buy. After numerous years of hard work, you can afford to be picky. Even if you don’t count on a generous pension, you can still target more than a few cities with a reasonable cost of living where you could become a part of a welcoming community and maintain an active, fulfilling lifestyle. Therefore, if you are on a quest to find the very best California-based budget-friendly relocation alternatives for senior citizens, start by taking a closer look at our three favorite picks.

1. Eureka. If you are a big fan of small cities that have very little in common with overcrowded urban areas, pollution, noise and traffic congestions, consider moving to Eureka. This city has a mild climate that you will definitely appreciate; moreover, it is well-liked for its pristine surroundings, tall redwood trees, marvelous beaches where you’ll be less bothered by annoying tourists, and old Victorian homes with a view. The median home prices are in the 200,000 dollars range, so you could definitely consider buying a new roof over your head in this area.

2. Rio Vista. Home to approximately 8,000 people, Rio Vista is another exceptional option for senior citizens who are looking forward to relocating to California. Here you could revive your social life by attending different events organized by the revamped local senior center. If you ever get tired of the small city life and its rather limited shopping and entertainment options, you could always drive to Sacramento or Oakland; both destinations are only one hour’s drive away. Rentals can be scarce in small Californian cities; nonetheless proper research and patience will pay off for those who are exploring the Rio Vista real estate market.  A 2-bedroom house could cost you around 800 dollars per month. This amount is definitely pocket change, compared to the thousands of dollars that you would be forced to spend on properties located in the most popular Californian cites that are considered a real magnet for tourists and deep-pocketed tenants.

3. Palm Springs. Palm Springs is also a more than decent pick worthy of your attention, mostly due to cultural heritage, fabulous golf courses, desert climate and scenic landscape. You would probably expect to spend a fortune on a home located in this area. As a matter of fact, houses are quite affordable. The median home price is estimated at $289,000. This quiet and relatively safe city is famous for its events and exiting outdoor activities designed to help senior citizens stay in excellent shape and improve their quality of life.

No matter how big you dream, we can turn your real estate fantasy into reality. Your ideal house hunt starts and ends with Apartment Hunterz. We have the tools, skills and experience required to bring you closer to your ideal Californian apartment or house that meets your specific criteria.

Finding the Best Californian Cities That Are Perfect for Young Families with Kids

young family on the beach,focus is mainyly on the mothers faceWhen it comes to moving to a different city, young families with kids are usually looking for answers to millions of questions related to upcoming house hunt, potential remodel projects, new lifestyle choices and social integration. When you are struggling to handle 1,000 novelty factors threatening to turn your life upside down, how could you possibly make an informed decision and pick the city that stimulates your growth on all levels and addresses all your needs and demands? Before targeting rentals or for-sale properties in a certain ZIP code, you may want to discover the answers to the following questions:

Is the New Environment Safe? Your family’s safety should be your number one concern. Conduct an online search to identify the crime rates (based on crime statistics made public by the FBI) of your favorite cities.

Would I Be Able to Build a Career Here? Make sure you go for a prosperous, vibrant Californian city with lots of potential where various top-rated companies are headquartered. This way, it would be easier for you to connect with top employers and profit from job opportunities allowing you to count on a stable, satisfying source of income.

Would I Be Able to Handle Monthly Expenses? Families with kids have to juggle various responsibilities and adjust their monthly budget based on their new priorities. This is precisely why you should choose to relocate to a city that is not associated with a sky-high cost of living. Put things into perspective and determine how much money you would have to spend on rent, utilities, groceries and household supplies each month in your favorite ZIP codes. This type of basic calculations can help you steer in the right direction.

3 Options That Won’t Disappoint You

So now that you know what selection criteria you should set up to narrow down your search, take a closer look at 3 amazing Californian cities where young families with kids could decide to put down roots without any regrets.

1. Folsom. Located only 20 miles away from Sacramento, Folsom is all about fantastic parks, great schools and plenty of attractive job opportunities that you shouldn’t miss out on. This is the perfect mix of elements that works best for families with kids. Folsom is regarded as safe, welcoming and progressive.

2. Clovis. If you’re looking for a family-oriented community that still embraces good old fashioned values, choose to buy or rent in Clovis. Clovis will surprise you with clean, decent and safe neighborhoods where residents invest their time in several fun activities. Encompassing almost 300 acres of trails and parks, Clovis lets you discover the serenity and natural beauty of outdoor areas that invite you to relax, play sports and have fun with your youngsters all day long. Events like Big HAT Days and Clovis Rodeo bring people together and allow you to enchant all your senses with excellent music, food and art.

3. Yuba City. If you’d rather target new cities well-liked for their gorgeous surroundings and affordable housing options, you may want to consider moving to Yuba City. A studio with 2 bedrooms could cost you anywhere from 600 to 800 dollars in this city. Aside from its friendly real estate market, Yuba City is also famous for its chain of valley peaks reminding visitors of the intense volcanic activity that used to take place here almost 1 million years ago. Also, the Gauche Aquatic Park will provide countless entertainment options for all your family members and help you keep the fun going, day after day.

Once you find the Californian city where you would like to spend the rest of your days, count on Apartment Hunterz to spot the most convenient real estate jewels that match your specific needs and expectations.

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Best Ways to Avoid Rental Scams While Looking for a New Apartment

Keys and handsIn these difficult economic times, you would do just about anything to find an inexpensive rental in the beautiful state of California. After all, who wouldn’t like to get the keys to a gorgeous, spacious beachfront property with a pool and a sleek minibar for only a few hundreds of dollars per month? Unfortunately, those who decide to conduct a home hunt on their own are often exposed to considerable risks. Here are only two types of scams that could disrupt the financial balance of inexperienced tenants who aren’t guided by a team of professional apartment finders:

1. Ripoffs. Crooks won’t hesitate to make you pay upfront for a property that doesn’t even exist on the map or for a rental that is actually unavailable. Most of these phony landlords will solicit a first payment via email or phone before even agreeing to show you the property that you wish to rent.

2. Identify Theft. Identity theft is a serious concern that you should take into consideration if you have decided to screen landlords and rentals on your own. In some cases, villains who are behind bogus ads will ask you to submit your application for a “routine background check”. They will also ask you to disclose your social security number, credit card account or bank account. This is all the info that they would need to open accounts in your name and/or steal your hard-earned cash.

Ways to Avoid Scams

Getting scammed is definitely one of the worst things that can happen to you, especially when you are desperately looking for a new roof over your head. Here’s what you can do to prevent fraudulent charges on your card and rip-offs.

1. Learn How to Identify and Interpret Red Flags. Are you dealing with a landlord that is always out of town and can’t give you a tour of his property? Are you targeting a lavishing home that carries a suspiciously small price tag? These are only a few warning signs that should put you on the run.

2. Do a Background Check.Landlords screen their tenants all the time, so why wouldn’t you apply the same strategy to find out more about your potential lessor?  You can run a background check for a landlord or a real estate agent using several free online tools. Also, you could use Google Maps to profit from a close-up view and determine whether or not the property in question really exists. Last but not least, you could type the address of the property into your favorite search engines to make sure that it’s actually a residential property for rent with a solid online presence. Deceitful ads are usually placed on scammer-run websites and introduce properties that don’t exist or have nothing to do with the landlord in question.

3. Rely on the Services of a Reputable Apartment Finder. You can stay safe by simply counting on professional services brought to you by a large, respectable apartment finder. Wouldn’t you rather find the perfect place for you rapidly, easily and stress-free? Apartment Hunterz is specialized in representing respectable independent property owners, as well as trustworthy managers of condos, townhouses, houses, duplexes and apartments. Instead of wandering in the dark, simplify your rental hunt by talking to the real pros in this sector.


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5 Things Every Newcomer Should Do in Pasadena

pasadena1Pasadena is a wonderful Californian city famous for its Tournament of Roses Parade that is organized on January 1st on an annual basis. When other American cities are covered in thick layers of snow, Pasadena is celebrating its blooming flowers. Pasadena is the 180th-biggest American city, renowned for its prominent scientific and cultural heritage, which represents a fantastic destination for people who are fond of warm, welcoming environments where no two moments are alike. Wondering how you could spend your spare time in Pasadena? Here are a few suggestions that you may find useful.

Eat and Drink Well. In Pasadena, all roads lead to chic restaurants allowing for the most of incredible fine wining and dining experiences. If you’re craving for some mouthwatering Italian food, you could always book a table at Trattoria Neapolis. In case you miss the authentic taste of good old-fashioned American specialties, make a reservation at Pie’n Burger or at Ruth’s Chris Steak House.

Shop Like a Local. What happens when you need new clothes and accessories? Where could you find the best fresh ingredients for your homemade treats? Luckily, Pasadena has at least one great answer to any shopping-related question that you may have on your mind. The Old Pasadena Farmers Market is the place where you could fill your bags with fresh, tasty fruits and veggies handpicked by friendly farmers. Once you get here, don’t forget to sample the delicious BBQ pork and potato salad offered by various vendors. In case you need more than flowers and fresh products that you can put on your dinner table, don’t forget to enjoy a prolonged shopping spree at One Colorado or Old Pasadena to discover unbelievable deals in your favorite designer shops.

Stay in Shape by Visiting Local Gyms and Wellness Centers. After a long day spent at the office, you deserve a break. Choose to unwind and relax in one of the many Pasadena-based wellness centers, like Dao Wellness Center, Dr. Michael’s Wellness Center or Gifted Hands Therapeutic Wellness Center.

Enjoy the Natural Beauty of Pasadena’s Parks. Want to enjoy a breath of fresh air far from the madding crowd? Pasadena encompasses some of the most serene and naturally beautiful parks that you will ever explore, where you could play your favorite sports, organize a picnic or simply rest on the grass and contemplate the sky. For some quiet time with your loves ones, don’t forget to visit Jefferson’s Recreational Center and Alice’s Dog Park.

Rent or Buy a Home. All the details mentioned above sound like a lot of fun, but your top priority is to find a great home for sale or a Pasadena rental that won’t leave you high and dry. A 3-bedroom single-family house located in East Central Pasadena could cost you around $780,000 dollars. You could also spot properties in the 300,000 and 400,000 dollars range in South East and West Central Pasadena. If you don’t have that much money in your bank account and would much rather rent a place, note that you could always find attractive townhouses that won’t cost more than 2,500 dollars per month. A pet-friendly apartment may cost you anywhere from $1,700 to $2.200 and up, depending on its size, condition and location.

It’s pretty difficult to stumble across real bargains when you’re conducting your home search on your own. Why complicate your own existence when you can rely on Apartment Hunterz to identify the most convenient rentals and for-sale properties in your favorite zip codes?

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5 Things That Your Landlord Will Probably Never Tell You

Couple Get a Key to a New HomePlanning on relocating to California? This sunny state will definitely surprise you with its friendly climate, exceptional beachfront vacation rentals, awesome clubs and restaurants and the finest Mexican food that you have ever tasted. But unless you are a millionaire or you are getting ready to tap your retirement funds to buy a Californian home, chances are that you will start your new life in this state as a tenant. Truth be told, renting a decent place in California can be quite a rewarding experience, especially when you know what to expect from your landlord. Here are 5 important things that most landlords choose to keep to themselves.

  1. I Will Increase Your Rent. You are currently living from paycheck to paycheck, so you always try to justify all your expenses. But your landlord doesn’t care about that. If you live in an area where there is no such thing as rent control, you could easily become the victim of a greedy landlord who may decide to make your rent go through the roof, despite the fact that you constantly pay everything on time and the building hasn’t undergone major transformation.
  2. I Won’t Fix That. Some landlords aren’t exactly dependable, especially when it comes to performing costly repairs. If you’re dealing with a clogged toilet or a leak you might have to fix this problem on your own or be willing to put up with your landlord’s delays and excuses.
  3. My Property Is Not a Hotel. Do you really think that you could let all your friends crash on your couch whenever, for as long as they want? Your landlord may beg to differ. In some cases, the renter could have very clear policies related to overnight guests. These guidelines and regulations could also be listed in your rental agreement. Failure to comply with your landlord’s rules could attract penalties and an unexpected rent increase.
  4. You Can Kiss Your Security Deposit Goodbye. You should also know that unscrupulous landlords will always find a reason to stop you from getting your security deposit back. Maybe you’ve performed minor décor changes. Perhaps not all the old appliances available in the apartment look or function as they did a year ago, when you signed the lease or rental agreement. All in all, there are millions of more or less legitimate motives that your landlord could rely on to keep your security deposit.
  5. My Previous Tenant Got a Better Deal. It’s your job to learn how to negotiate your lease. Usually renters are quite flexible and won’t hesitate to offer a fair deal to the ideal tenant that is less likely to cause trouble.

These are only 5 of the most important secrets that landlords like to keep. However, an inquisitive attitude and a great attention to detail can help you read between the lines and avoid misunderstandings and surprises that could turn a rental agreement into the beginning of a real nightmare.

Sep 2014