5 Things to Consider Before Renting a New Place in California

Right Facing For Rent Real Estate Sign Over Clouds and Sunny SkyMaybe your most ambitious short and long-term plans are tied to the life of the rich and famous that you can only experience in Cali. Perhaps you would give just about anything to rent or buy a place in California, even is this move would force you to juggle two or three jobs and focus less on your personal life. But what exactly are the factors that you should consider before starting your house hunt? Here are five aspects that you should never overlook.

  1. Rental Rates. How much money would you make here? Would your monthly income be big enough to cover all your living expenses? Remember that you can always use online calculators to determine the cost of living in different cities that may interest you the most. Also, online listings let you compare rental rates by city or neighborhood and pick the best options that you can actually afford.
  2. Timeframe. For how long would you want to stay here? Most landlords require a minimal length of stay (typically one year or six months). In this case, month-to-month rentals may be more difficult to spot, especially in overcrowded urban areas that usually attract students, visitors or corporatists.
  3. Amenities. Next, try to separate your needs from your wants, when it comes to comparing certain properties in terms of amenities. Naturally, if you have pets, you’ll be determined to stick to pet-friendly apartments and houses; those that do not meet this criterion will automatically be rejected. But at some point, once you list all the deal-breakers, you will also have to underline the things that you could actually live without. I mean, would you really be willing to ignore a gorgeous apartment building simply because it does not have an on-site gym or wellness center?
  4. The Size/Category of the Ideal Property. A too-big home will make you waste energy and deal with sky-high utility bills. A too-small place will make you feel somewhat uncomfortable. Furthermore, townhouses may be perfect for those who appreciate breathtaking views and peace and quiet, but they could represent a nightmare for those who would never be willing to give up on the big city life and the satisfaction that it brings. In addition, apartment buildings offer a wider array of services, but cannot recreate the superior level of privacy that a cute, elegant townhouse will automatically provide. The Californian real estate market is diverse and lets both tenants and landlords contemplate multiple options. This is precisely why you should always analyze your real needs, lifestyle choices, budget and expectations before signing a lease.
  5. Location. Who wouldn’t want to live in Santa Monica or Los Angeles? Who doesn’t dream about pursuing a great carrier opportunity in San Francisco? Nonetheless, before putting your finger on the map and calling your real estate agent, you may want to leave your wishes behind for one minute and see things from a different perspective. Is the neighborhood of choice quiet and safe? Is it close to your office? Would it allow you to build long-lasting relationships with new people who share your interests and passions? You can get great answers to these questions by reading city guides and checking out crime reports.

At the end of the day, do remember that no matter how big, spacious, inexpensive or versatile you may want your new Californian place to be, we can help you find it in a matter of a few days, with minimal effort on your behalf.

Oct 2014