Draw Your Inspiration from the Best Californian Celebrity Homes Owned by Young Stars

john-travolta-celebrity-home-hollywood-propertyWho doesn’t dream about relocating to California? I mean, let’s face it, this sunny state has it all, including lovely weather, best bars, clubs and restaurants, lovely surroundings, fabulous beachfront properties and even decently-priced rentals that could actually convince you to start living your Californian dream. We should also mention that fact that the local real estate market has always been targeted by spoiled, deep-pocketed celebs who are looking for their personal haven in top-rated locations.

Meet the Hottest Celebs Who Can’t Get Enough of the Californian Lifestyle

Kristen Steward has invested several millions in a superb 3,361-square-foot home located in Laughlin Park. As you could probably imagine, the property features a large square-shaped pool, lots of greenery, a large patio and even fire pits that ensure a perfect ambiance for a romantic night. What you may not know is that this privately owned corner of paradise is situated in the proximity of the house owned by Roberto Pattinson.

Drake is also a big fan of California and the amazing real estate opportunities that it encompasses. The star is the proud owner of a $8.65 million dollar home (which was worth almost twice as much in 2006- when it carried a whopping price tag of 16.9 million dollars). Even if its price went down, the property is still fantastic and has many unique features that could attract a large segment of potential buyers. The outdoor area encompasses a large pool with an 80-foot slide, a back-lighted, superb waterfall, as well as a grotto. Want to recreate Mother Nature’s beauty in a truly ostentatious manner? If so, you would just have to follow in Drake’s footsteps.

Kevin McHale surely knows how to appreciate the Hollywood Hills panorama. The “Glee” rising star is the owner of a $1.025-million Californian home featuring premium dark brown wooden floors and very subtle touches of color. The bedding and artwork display a delightful combo of brownish and reddish tones that goes extremely well with the lightly colored walls. The accomplished dancer also manages to capture the essence of his property and emphasize its first-hand location. Due to its extended glass windows, Kevin McHale can contemplate the fantastic view of the Hollywood Hills while having breakfast in bed. It doesn’t get better than this!

Even if you can’t afford to shed a few million dollars on the property that you’ve always pictured in your head, this doesn’t mean that you should give up on your dream of moving to California and renting or buying a place here. For instance, an ultra central, pet-friendly West Hollywood luxury apartment equipped with everything you may need to maintain a comfortable lifestyle could cost you around $3,300 per month. In the same area, you could find less fancy rentals with 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom in the $1,800/month range.

No matter how big, luxurious or central you may want your Californian housing option to be, we can help you find it in a matter of a few days. When it comes to starting and completing an enjoyable house hunt, let Apartment Hunterz lead the way.