3 Reasons Why You Should Rent a Place in Santa Monica

Santa Monica California

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Assuming that you are tired of the big city life that brings you very little satisfaction, which spot should you target for your next relocation? This is an important question that is always difficult to answer. It all depends on your goals, hopes and dreams. Maybe you just want to move to a place that would facilitate a quick, painless carrier change. Perhaps you are looking for a decent rental in a safe, quiet and trendy neighborhood where you could connect with people who share your values and your perspective on life. Furthermore, maybe you’re actually interested in a change of décor.

After enduring many harsh winters that have impacted your health and wellbeing, you may just want to relax and live the rest of your days in an area that is worldwide famous for its friendly climate. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to turn every single moment of your life into a memorable vacation by the ocean. In short, regardless of the reasons why you may want to relocate to California, there are quite a few elements that could make you see Santa Monica as you next home. Here are three things that you’ll automatically love about this grand city.

The Weather and the Location. Southern California is the number one destination for tourists and newcomers who are tired of unfavorable weather conditions. Just picture the nicest day of summer that you have ever had the privilege to enjoy and think about the fact that you could relive those moments over and over again. Most of the people who have decided to relocate to Santa Monica have factored in the nice southern Californian weather as an important selection criterion. Moreover, a short drive towards west will allow you to discover the unmatched beauty of Santa Monica’s natural boarder: the warm and clean Pacific Ocean. When you are only a few minutes away from some quality time at the beach life suddenly becomes simpler and your daily challenges become less stressful.

The New Lifestyle. If you think that your current lifestyle doesn’t exactly live up to your expectations, consider moving to Santa Monica. Here you’ll be able to find a great diversity of luxury rentals and meet different categories of young, careless, influent and attractive people who may be able to fill the gaps in your life and help you fulfill your Californian dream. Whether we’re talking about new relationships, a carrier boost or the chance to upgrade or grow your business, Santa Monica has everything covered.

The Local Real Estate Market. We already know what you are going to say: “I’m not filthy rich! I can’t buy a place in Santa Monica!” if you can afford a house, you don’t necessarily have to buy it. Santa Monica is a true tenant’s paradise. Here you can rent a place for 2,500 dollars per month. Generally speaking, you can find a more than decent rental apartment in the $2,200-$3,500 range.

We also know that it’s not easy to find the home of your dreams in Cali, especially when you’re awfully picky or when you’re constrained by a tight budget. At Apartment Hunterz, our purpose in business is to speed up your house hunt and help you spot the best slice of Californian real estate in only a few days.


Oct 2014