Rental Makeover Suggestions That Won’t Upset Your Landlord

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We totally get it: it took you half a year to find this convenient rental in downtown LA. You like it a lot and most importantly, you can actually afford it! You would actually love it, if it weren’t for that old flooring material, those cracked walls and that tasteless furniture that makes you feel like you’re stuck somewhere between the 20s and the 30s. How can you eliminate or at least reduce these drawbacks without having to move? If your landlord has a strict “no improvements” policy that isn’t exactly in your favor, keep reading to discover three cheap and very simple rental makeover ideas that you could apply on your own without taking any chances.

Minimize the Visual Impact of a Mediocre Wall Painting Job

You can make the dull color seem less upsetting by creating your personal happy corner. Paint an old bookshelf in happy colors and let it store some of your most valuable (and colorful) souvenirs. A few seashells, a couple of peacock feathers, two or three classy metallic photo frames and half a dozen marbles can decorate even the dullest furniture piece and give it a nice personal touch.

Use Cowhides to Mask Unappealing Wall-to-wall Carpeting

OK, let’s get one thing straight: you can’t just get rid of that appalling wall-to-wall carpeting without discussing this ambitious plan with your landlord. If he has strict rules and guidelines, you might as well assume that he will vote against this project, so what does your plan B sound like? If the current carpeting material is a real eyesore, you could camouflage its unaesthetic, annoyingly uniform aspect by placing an area rug with low tripping potential on top of it. For a wow effect, try cowhides; these pieces blend in extremely well and work best for most interior décor styles.

Rely on Renter-Friendly Tape to Create and Display Your Own Photo Gallery

All the spaces that you inhabited managed to reflect your personal style, taste and artsy inclinations. Unfortunately, your landlord isn’t the biggest fan of your creativity and redesign ideas. He is completely reluctant to change and would never approve a project involving wall drilling or chipping. Does this mean that you have to say goodbye to all those beautiful artistic photos that you have been collecting for years in a row? Not necessarily! Instead of trying to convince your landlord that his walls should be nails and hammer-friendly, use Japanese Washi tape to display your favorite artworks on your walls. This safe alternative comes in different color schemes and will automatically brighten your indoor space and make it seem more welcoming and cool.

Oct 2014