Renting in California: 3 Reasons Why San Francisco Residents Are Happy Most of the Time

Photo Credit: iStock Photo

Photo Credit: iStock Photo

You’ve always wanted to leave the small town lifestyle behind and move to a big city that could support some of your most ambitious goals. At this point, you are flirting with the idea of relocating to San Francisco. You’ve heard the news. San Francisco is known as a potent tech hub that is permanently recruiting and training a specialized workforce. If you were to move to Cali to kickstart your carrier, you would probably have the highest odds of success in this particular city. You also know that San Francisco is adding great jobs faster than any other U.S.-based city. Therefore, if unemployment is one of your worst fears, chances are that you will manage to overcome this issue in this highly developed, carrier-friendly area. Need another reason to pack your bags and get on the next flight to San Francisco? If so, just keep reading to discover some interesting facts that will support your decision to relocate.

  1. Great Parks and Public Art. Have you ever wondered why the big city life can make you feel so overly stressed and tired? The answer is right in front of your eyes: the grayish concrete jungle often exposes you to many overlooked risk factors, including elevated noise and pollution levels and traffic congestions that could amplify your anxiety. On the other hand, San Francisco is all about greenery and cute parks representing an oasis of relaxation in the center of a thriving urban area. Dolores Park, Presidio and Golden Gate Park may very well represent your escape from reality where you could spend your lunch break or a quiet evening surrounded by green spaces and public art.
  2. San Francisco’s Endless Entertainment Options Nourish People’s Souls. Art and culture lovers see the San Francisco Bay Area as an extremely stimulating environment, where they can attend literary events and enjoy art and live music performances. In short, San Francisco is well-liked for its diverse entertainment offerings that can ward off depression and anxiety and promote a better general state of health.
  3. San Francisco Is the Place Where You Could Find a Convenient Rental. San Francisco has also made a name for itself for its organic markets, health-oriented leisure activities and the active lifestyle that it enables its residents to adopt and preserve. Wouldn’t you like to bond with such healthy, happy people and share the secret of their wellbeing? If the answer is yes, you should know that San Francisco is a great place to find exceptional accommodation options. You could actually identify an elegant 500 square feet apartment with 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom, which won’t cost you more than $2,700/month.

To be honest, you may have to struggle a big to find a cute, cozy place in your price range. Nonetheless, by counting on the largest Californian apartment finder, you could simplify your search and spot the best San Francisco rental in a matter of days and completely stress-free. Apartment Hunterz can lift this burden off your shoulders and help you get the keys to a fabulous apartment or house in record time.

Oct 2014