How to Keep Your Landlord Happy in the Long Run


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Sometimes, your ties with your landlord remind you of the confusing relationship that you have with your in-laws: no matter how hard you would try to please them, it seems that you’re constantly pushing the wrong buttons. While you can’t choose your family members, you have plenty of freedom when it comes to selecting your landlord. Is that right? Well technically, it is. Nonetheless, finding an affordable high-class Californian rental can be quite challenging, especially if you’re conducting the search on your own and if you’re targeting some of the most popular and prosperous cities in Cali. Dreaming of relocating to San Francisco, Santa Monica, Los Angeles or Hollywood but can’t afford to shed around 4,000 dollars per month on a 2-bedroom home? Here’s how you can cultivate a mutually beneficial relationship with your current landlord, so you would never have to move out and find a pricier Californian rental.

  1. Pay Your Rent on Time. This may sound like a no-brainer, but do your best to pay your dues on time. Nobody likes tenants who can’t keep their side of the bargain. Nonetheless, at some point a certain unpredicted situation could stop you from paying rent on time. In this case, instead of trying to bury your head in the sand, discuss your options with your renter. You could pay a certain percentage of what you owe and let your landlord know the date when you could liquidate the rest of your debt. Honesty and good communication skills will get you very far. While going down this road you may be able to make a few first steps towards an advantageous arrangement or a temporary rent reduction.
  2. Keep the Place in Excellent Condition. If you still think that you can trash a place simply because you pay rent to live there, now would probably be a good time to revise your opinion. A careless lifestyle and a zero-rental maintenance policy will only make you waste energy and money in the long run and force you to redirect all your resources towards the end-of-tenancy general cleaning process. Therefore, clean, dust, vacuum, wash and polish everything on a regular basis. This proactive attitude will help you prevent unplanned expenses. Also, do not neglect minor problems requiring timely repairs. An old rusty pipe that is left as is could cause a major leak, leading to destroyed carpeting and an extensive mold contamination; and this is definitely not a picture that your landlord would want to see.
  3. Be a Good Neighbor. Are you lucky enough to live in one of the hottest California-based apartment units? In this case, note that isolation is not a part of the deal. You will share the same environment with other people so you will have to do your best to respect their schedules and privacy. Work closely with your landlord to solve potential neighborly disputes before they become a real problem.

When you feel ready to write a new chapter in your life by moving, don’t forget that you will still have to handle the end of tenancy general cleaning process. If you can’t deal with it on your own, remember that you could always spend a little bit of money on professional cleaning services.

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Oct 2014