Your Survival Guide in LA: Things That You Should Know Before Moving to Los Angeles

Photo Credit: iStock Photo

Photo Credit: iStock Photo

You have always wanted to make a big change in your life. So now you are finally ready to set more ambitious goals in your personal and professional life by moving to LA. But the question is this: do you really know what this important step would actually involve? Los Angeles is not Paris, Rome or New York. The LA lifestyle could surprise you in countless ways. Need an LA survival guide to adapt to your new reality? In this case, keep reading to discover a few essential tips that will help you make the most of your stay in Los Angeles.

Get a Car. Of course, you could always hail a taxi or take the bus to work. But whether you like it or not, LA is one of those big cities with wide roads where you would feel lost and confused without a car. As a matter of fact, most drivers have developed a wide range of skills while driving and multitasking is not uncommon. Some of them actually manage to shave, apply makeup, brush their teeth and style their outfits while they are behind the wheel. Moreover, most LA residents treat their vehicles as a home on four wheels and don’t hesitate to deposit their everyday essentials in their trunks.

Make New Connections. Fast. New York is the city where you could definitely build your new life from scratch on your own. You don’t need a plus one to hold your hand or to guide you towards the best clubs, restaurants and pubs in the city. Things are very different in LA, where your experience as a newcomer will revolve around countless daily discoveries. To spot the best deals in terms of housing options, fine wining and dining and entertainment alternatives you’ll definitely need to rely on the expert advice of a friend who knows Los Angeles like the palm of his hand. If you are fairly shy and don’t have any acquaintances or relatives in this city, you could start to conduct your own research by reading LA Weekly or LA Magazine or listening to station KCRW.

Keep an Eye on the Local Real Estate Market. Assuming that you do have friends who have been living in LA for quite a long time, don’t expect to be able to crash on their couch for months in a row. After all, even the highest level of hospitality has its limits. Fantastic deals on the local real estate market are not as rare as you may be inclined to think. However, in order to identify the best offers you’ll have to check out and compare listings on a daily basis. A 1 bedroom apartment could cost you only 1,200 per month. Even the smallest decent Californian rental available in this city may give you the chance to upgrade your life. Every single day that you spend in LA can give you plenty of opportunities to rediscover yourself and grow on different levels.

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Oct 2014