Safest Neighborhoods in Corona California: How to Spot the Best Rentals in Your Favorite ZIP code

Photo credit: iStock Photo

Photo credit: iStock Photo

If you would be happy to live the rest of your days in a sunny Californian city with low crime rates, great accommodation options and fantastic restaurants, bars and clubs that could satisfy all your cravings, you may want to consider moving to Corona.

Things That You Should Consider Before Moving to Corona, CA

When you are a young adult seeking a great job that will bring stability into your life, the decision is easy to make. Since you have zero baggage, you can hop in your car, put your finger on the map, drive until you run out of gas, call you friend and ask him to let you crash on his couch or simply go for the cheapest rental that you can find without making any demands. Nonetheless, family life brings a wider range of responsibilities. You have to find a great Corona-based place in an even greater neighborhood encompassing the best schools and family-friendly entertainment options.

Check Out the Top 3 Safest Corona Neighborhoods

Also, safety is another aspect that you should focus on. You wouldn’t want your elder relatives to get mugged on the street in broad daylight or to live with the fear that your apartment and/or vehicle could be vandalized at any given point in time. In case you are determined to move to Corona and wish to keep threats at bay, we give you a list of the three safest neighborhoods comprised by this city.

Temescal. The median home price in this neighborhood is a little over $441,000. This suburban neighborhood may take you by surprise with its pricy rentals. In order to be able to rent a place here you would have to count on a consistent source of income, as the average rental rate is estimated at 3,248 dollars per month. Most properties are owner-occupied and were built in 2000.

Alberhill. If you want to eliminate your concerns related to the safety and wellbeing of all your family members, you may want to buy or rent a place in Alberhill. Properties cost significantly less in this ZIP code (the median house price is in the 344,000 dollars range) and are also cheaper to rent (only around 2,500 dollars per month). This neighborhood is all about single-family homes and low crime rates, so it has what it takes to become the perfect nurturing environment for you and your loved ones.

Howe St / Liberty Ave. According to recent statistics, Howe St / Liberty Ave is more family-friendly than 97.3% of all neighborhoods in the U.S. Sheltering a community of wealthy, active and caring people, this option reflects a combination of positive factors, including top-rated public schools, great owner-occupied properties and relatively inexpensive rentals.

Life in Corona can be quite a blessing, especially if you consider your safety a top priority. Nonetheless, if you are currently pinching pennies, you may need to get an expert involved in your house hunt to unlock the best deals on the local real estate market. Choose to rely on the professional services provided by Apartment Hunterz to meet dependable landlords, check out great properties and get the keys to a new place in no time.



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