3 Reasons That Might Bring You to Anaheim and Convince You to Put Down Roots Here

Photo Credit: iStock Photo

Photo Credit: iStock Photo

Let’s face it: there are a few less pleasant aspects related to the sought-after Californian lifestyle that probably intimidate more than a few prospects who are conducting their first home hunt as we speak. Long commuting roots, air pollution and hectic traffic are some of the most important concerns that may have also bothered you at some point. But after carefully weighing the pros and cons associated with a new life in Cali, you have reached the conclusion that you should pack your bags fast and spend a few days in Anaheim to test the waters. Why would a condo situated in downtown Anaheim give you a new reason to smile on a day to day basis? Here are three good reasons why you should buy or rent a place here.

Anaheim Is THE “Entertainment Mecca”. If you are fond of great themed parks, sports, fantastic restaurants and pubs and everything in between, then you would enjoy every single minute spent in Anaheim, especially if you were to live in a well-established home situated near Lincoln, Ball or Katella. The older part of the town has undergone some remodeling work and manages to create a fantastic first impression due to its outstanding trees and nice properties for rent or for sale. The downtown area encompasses newer condo communities that bring you one step closer to the civic center, your favorite parks and the well-known local farmers market.

All Your Favorite Places Are Just a Short Walk Away. Anaheim is definitely a great destination that you should reach if you love healthy, mouthwatering food, delightful chats with friendly people, lots of greenery and beautiful surroundings. The Anaheim Packing House gives you access to all of the above. This gigantic foodie hall brings people together and encourages them to sample the locally sourced products sold by real culinary artisans. If you love amazing restored buildings, don’t forget to grab a burger and a beer at the famous Anaheim brewery.

Anaheim Lets You Spot Convenient Rentals. The awesome food and fabulous ambiance may convince you to visit Anaheim more often, but the offers on the local real estate market will definitely give you a legitimate reason to move here. For example, a super bright and spacious 5-bedroom property located on Kenwood Ave. would only cost you around $2,700 per month. Don’t need all this space? If you’d rather settle for a smaller, much more affordable crib, remember that you could always find a cute and elegant townhouse with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in the $1,900 range.

Big or small, new or vintage and with a lot of character, the Anaheim-based homes for rent will help you live the life that you have always imagined for yourself, without worrying about long and frustrating commuting routes, sky-high expenses and any other drawbacks that could scare inexperienced prospects away. Find the perfect house or apartment in Anaheim with just a little bit of help from Apartment Hunterz and discover your personal haven in the middle of a welcoming community.

Oct 2014