3 Reasons to Love Glendale, CA  

Photo Credit: iStock Photo

Photo Credit: iStock Photo

Want to relocate to a city located in an area that is blessed with amazing weather year-round? Would you like your youngsters to grow up in a safe neighborhood and profit from the support of a friendly, solid community? Most importantly, would you wish to relocate to Cali and spend the rest of your days in a city that will always give you something to talk about and let you enjoy the finest things in life without being forced to spend all your money on rent? If all your answers are affirmative, don’t waste any more time and plan a trip to Glendale, CA as soon as possible. We give you three good reasons why you will love this city at a first glance.

Glendale Encompasses Lots of Greenery and Beautiful Surroundings. Glendale is just as versatile as you are. This amazing city lets you explore all the sides of your personality and discover new fun things to do, see and explore on a day to day basis. Mount Gleason attracts numerous visitors who love to unwind in a pristine, natural environment and make the most of fishing, water sports, skiing, hiking and several other relaxing activities. Deukmejian Wilderness Park is another wonderful local attraction that you will be tempted to revisit over and over again, especially if you are a big fan of gorgeous views, fresh air and long hiking trips.

Glendale Does a Great Job at Keeping You Busy. What does your perfect weekend look like? Does it involve a great meal shared with your best friends in a cute local restaurant? Would your Saturdays and Sundays revolve around fun moments spent on golf courses, or are you actually the type who likes to spend time in a park, on the green flat grass, reading your favorite book and enjoying the peace and quiet? No matter what you wish to do with your spare time, Glendale will always surprise you with diverse options tailored to your demands. Brand Park is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and comprises an elegant park, a Japanese garden and a library. This is the perfect place to entertain your entire family, bond with your kids, and leave your daily worries behind. In case you’d much rather perfect your golfing skills, you could just visit Scholl Canyon Golf Course, admire the breathtaking panorama and put the short golf course to the test.

The Local Real Estate Market Is Quite Friendly. Need another reason to start packing?If so, you should know that everything is possible on the Glendale real estate market. A small, 650 square feet elegant studio could cost you as low as 795 dollars per month! New, modern apartments with more square footage are in the 1,500-2,000 dollars range. To maximize your odds of finding the right place at the right time, just reach the largest Californian apartment finder and choose to involve it in your search. Apartment Hunterz can help you get the keys to a fabulous house or apartment for sale or for rent in just a few days.

Oct 2014