3 Reasons Why You Should Rent a Place in Santa Monica

Santa Monica California

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Assuming that you are tired of the big city life that brings you very little satisfaction, which spot should you target for your next relocation? This is an important question that is always difficult to answer. It all depends on your goals, hopes and dreams. Maybe you just want to move to a place that would facilitate a quick, painless carrier change. Perhaps you are looking for a decent rental in a safe, quiet and trendy neighborhood where you could connect with people who share your values and your perspective on life. Furthermore, maybe you’re actually interested in a change of décor.

After enduring many harsh winters that have impacted your health and wellbeing, you may just want to relax and live the rest of your days in an area that is worldwide famous for its friendly climate. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to turn every single moment of your life into a memorable vacation by the ocean. In short, regardless of the reasons why you may want to relocate to California, there are quite a few elements that could make you see Santa Monica as you next home. Here are three things that you’ll automatically love about this grand city.

The Weather and the Location. Southern California is the number one destination for tourists and newcomers who are tired of unfavorable weather conditions. Just picture the nicest day of summer that you have ever had the privilege to enjoy and think about the fact that you could relive those moments over and over again. Most of the people who have decided to relocate to Santa Monica have factored in the nice southern Californian weather as an important selection criterion. Moreover, a short drive towards west will allow you to discover the unmatched beauty of Santa Monica’s natural boarder: the warm and clean Pacific Ocean. When you are only a few minutes away from some quality time at the beach life suddenly becomes simpler and your daily challenges become less stressful.

The New Lifestyle. If you think that your current lifestyle doesn’t exactly live up to your expectations, consider moving to Santa Monica. Here you’ll be able to find a great diversity of luxury rentals and meet different categories of young, careless, influent and attractive people who may be able to fill the gaps in your life and help you fulfill your Californian dream. Whether we’re talking about new relationships, a carrier boost or the chance to upgrade or grow your business, Santa Monica has everything covered.

The Local Real Estate Market. We already know what you are going to say: “I’m not filthy rich! I can’t buy a place in Santa Monica!” if you can afford a house, you don’t necessarily have to buy it. Santa Monica is a true tenant’s paradise. Here you can rent a place for 2,500 dollars per month. Generally speaking, you can find a more than decent rental apartment in the $2,200-$3,500 range.

We also know that it’s not easy to find the home of your dreams in Cali, especially when you’re awfully picky or when you’re constrained by a tight budget. At Apartment Hunterz, our purpose in business is to speed up your house hunt and help you spot the best slice of Californian real estate in only a few days.


Oct 2014

Draw Your Inspiration from the Best Californian Celebrity Homes Owned by Young Stars

john-travolta-celebrity-home-hollywood-propertyWho doesn’t dream about relocating to California? I mean, let’s face it, this sunny state has it all, including lovely weather, best bars, clubs and restaurants, lovely surroundings, fabulous beachfront properties and even decently-priced rentals that could actually convince you to start living your Californian dream. We should also mention that fact that the local real estate market has always been targeted by spoiled, deep-pocketed celebs who are looking for their personal haven in top-rated locations.

Meet the Hottest Celebs Who Can’t Get Enough of the Californian Lifestyle

Kristen Steward has invested several millions in a superb 3,361-square-foot home located in Laughlin Park. As you could probably imagine, the property features a large square-shaped pool, lots of greenery, a large patio and even fire pits that ensure a perfect ambiance for a romantic night. What you may not know is that this privately owned corner of paradise is situated in the proximity of the house owned by Roberto Pattinson.

Drake is also a big fan of California and the amazing real estate opportunities that it encompasses. The star is the proud owner of a $8.65 million dollar home (which was worth almost twice as much in 2006- when it carried a whopping price tag of 16.9 million dollars). Even if its price went down, the property is still fantastic and has many unique features that could attract a large segment of potential buyers. The outdoor area encompasses a large pool with an 80-foot slide, a back-lighted, superb waterfall, as well as a grotto. Want to recreate Mother Nature’s beauty in a truly ostentatious manner? If so, you would just have to follow in Drake’s footsteps.

Kevin McHale surely knows how to appreciate the Hollywood Hills panorama. The “Glee” rising star is the owner of a $1.025-million Californian home featuring premium dark brown wooden floors and very subtle touches of color. The bedding and artwork display a delightful combo of brownish and reddish tones that goes extremely well with the lightly colored walls. The accomplished dancer also manages to capture the essence of his property and emphasize its first-hand location. Due to its extended glass windows, Kevin McHale can contemplate the fantastic view of the Hollywood Hills while having breakfast in bed. It doesn’t get better than this!

Even if you can’t afford to shed a few million dollars on the property that you’ve always pictured in your head, this doesn’t mean that you should give up on your dream of moving to California and renting or buying a place here. For instance, an ultra central, pet-friendly West Hollywood luxury apartment equipped with everything you may need to maintain a comfortable lifestyle could cost you around $3,300 per month. In the same area, you could find less fancy rentals with 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom in the $1,800/month range.

No matter how big, luxurious or central you may want your Californian housing option to be, we can help you find it in a matter of a few days. When it comes to starting and completing an enjoyable house hunt, let Apartment Hunterz lead the way.


3 Good Reasons to Get the Keys to a New Place in Lancaster, California

bigstock-Keychain-And-Key-41443585Are you tired of the life that you are living in a gray, boring city where you are the prisoner of your own tiresome routine? In this case, you may want to consider renting or buying a place in Lancaster, California. Lancaster is the 30th biggest city in the state of Cali and represents an amazingly relaxing environment for outdoor enthusiasts, young people striving to pursue new job opportunities, seniors enjoying their years of retirement and couples who wish to grow their family in a safe, nurturing place that they could call home. Here are 3 excellent reasons why relocating to Lancaster could be a smart move for your entire family, regardless of your age, goals and financial possibilities.

Cool Special Events, Local Attractions and Amazing Entertainment Options. In Lancaster there is no shortage of exciting entertainment options. As a matter of fact, this superb California city combines the charm of a pristine rural area with the unique vibe or a densely populated urban area. Therefore, if you want to have the best of both worlds, choose to buy or rent a place here. Lancaster is the home of the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve comprising 1,700 acres of gorgeous poppy fields and numerous trails where one could contemplate a great diversity of flowers and enjoy a breath of fresh air.

Those who are fond of music will definitely appreciate Lancaster’s one-of-a-kind musical road singing the famous William Tell Overture, used and promoted in the Honda Civic Commercial. While the road was reinstalled in a different location approximately 2 miles away from the nearest home, because of noise-related complaints, its uniqueness and exciting history still attract numerous tourists every year. Celebrate Downtown Lancaster is a famous farmers’ market and street fair, which is received with great enthusiasm by locals, while the Lancaster-based California Poppy Festival marks the beginning of spring and draws up to 60,000 visitors on an yearly basis. These are only a few of the local attractions and entertainment opportunities proving that Lancaster has what it takes to become your new home.

Great Deals on the Local Rental Market. Lancaster is only 70 miles away from the vibrant downtown Los Angeles. Does this mean that rental prices usually go through the roof here? Not really! As a matter of fact, you could have a 1,176 square feet house with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms for as low as $1,100 per month. What more could you ask for?

The Chance to Own a Fantastic Home without Going Bankrupt. Come to think about it, it does get better! If you have enough money in the bank to make a bolder move, don’t hesitate to buy a home here. Medium-size properties (3-4 bedrooms) cost anywhere from $130,000 to $699,000. Therefore, no matter what slice of real estate may interest you, Lancaster has the best surprises in store for you. As long as you let Apartment Hunterz guide your search, your home hunt will be a fun, rewarding experience that will represent the beginning of your new life in Cali.


Oct 2014

5 Things to Consider Before Renting a New Place in California

Right Facing For Rent Real Estate Sign Over Clouds and Sunny SkyMaybe your most ambitious short and long-term plans are tied to the life of the rich and famous that you can only experience in Cali. Perhaps you would give just about anything to rent or buy a place in California, even is this move would force you to juggle two or three jobs and focus less on your personal life. But what exactly are the factors that you should consider before starting your house hunt? Here are five aspects that you should never overlook.

  1. Rental Rates. How much money would you make here? Would your monthly income be big enough to cover all your living expenses? Remember that you can always use online calculators to determine the cost of living in different cities that may interest you the most. Also, online listings let you compare rental rates by city or neighborhood and pick the best options that you can actually afford.
  2. Timeframe. For how long would you want to stay here? Most landlords require a minimal length of stay (typically one year or six months). In this case, month-to-month rentals may be more difficult to spot, especially in overcrowded urban areas that usually attract students, visitors or corporatists.
  3. Amenities. Next, try to separate your needs from your wants, when it comes to comparing certain properties in terms of amenities. Naturally, if you have pets, you’ll be determined to stick to pet-friendly apartments and houses; those that do not meet this criterion will automatically be rejected. But at some point, once you list all the deal-breakers, you will also have to underline the things that you could actually live without. I mean, would you really be willing to ignore a gorgeous apartment building simply because it does not have an on-site gym or wellness center?
  4. The Size/Category of the Ideal Property. A too-big home will make you waste energy and deal with sky-high utility bills. A too-small place will make you feel somewhat uncomfortable. Furthermore, townhouses may be perfect for those who appreciate breathtaking views and peace and quiet, but they could represent a nightmare for those who would never be willing to give up on the big city life and the satisfaction that it brings. In addition, apartment buildings offer a wider array of services, but cannot recreate the superior level of privacy that a cute, elegant townhouse will automatically provide. The Californian real estate market is diverse and lets both tenants and landlords contemplate multiple options. This is precisely why you should always analyze your real needs, lifestyle choices, budget and expectations before signing a lease.
  5. Location. Who wouldn’t want to live in Santa Monica or Los Angeles? Who doesn’t dream about pursuing a great carrier opportunity in San Francisco? Nonetheless, before putting your finger on the map and calling your real estate agent, you may want to leave your wishes behind for one minute and see things from a different perspective. Is the neighborhood of choice quiet and safe? Is it close to your office? Would it allow you to build long-lasting relationships with new people who share your interests and passions? You can get great answers to these questions by reading city guides and checking out crime reports.

At the end of the day, do remember that no matter how big, spacious, inexpensive or versatile you may want your new Californian place to be, we can help you find it in a matter of a few days, with minimal effort on your behalf.

Oct 2014

Essential Amenities That Will Upgrade Your Californian Lifestyle

Giving Away The KeysYou may think that fireplaces, infinity edge pools and saunas are overrated, pricy or just costly in the long run, but you can’t ignore the fact that the amenities associated with the rental that you would like o invest in are incredibly important. After all, living spaces should have character. Also, they should give you the chance to relax after a long, stressful day, throw amazing parties, work from home and prepare a more than decent meal in your kitchen. Does this sound like a lot? Not really! If you don’t know what to ask for, in terms of rental features and perks, we give you a list of cool amenities that you may want to profit from, at least for a short period of time.

Open Floor Plans. An open floor plan turns a property into a versatile piece of real estate. Basically, an open layout enables the tenant to see a house or an apartment as his new blank canvas. Any architect will tell you that this is the bestselling home plan, simply because it can make any place look airier, brighter and more modern. Open kitchens seem more inviting and can constitute the perfect location for a never-ending series of home parties.

Off-Street Parking. In overcrowded urban areas, finding a free parking spot in the middle of the day can be quite a nightmare. On the other hand, in the sunny state of California one can find quite a few exceptional properties that ensure both on-street and off-street parking. Homes with spacious driveways and/or garages are a gift from above for tenants who own one or more cars and would like to be able to count on a decent, safe parking spot at any given point in time.

Stainless Steel Appliances. Not all that glitters is gold, but in this case, the things that glitter and carry tiny price tags can actually help landlords attract new tenants. Yes, we are talking about stainless steel appliances (in mint condition). If this option is way out of your league, you can always go for stainless-look alternatives, which are considerably cheaper. The unique glow of this material will recreate the idea of cleanliness and elegance.

In-unit Washer/Dryer. Going to the Laundromat isn’t a lot of fun, especially when you have to pick up your kids from school, fix dinner and plan a relaxing evening with your spouse. And after all, who would want to carry a huge bag of dirty clothes all the way to the nearest Laundromat, which is five blocks away? In-unit washers/driers are one of those essential combos that you may be taking for granted. Nonetheless, their practicality cannot be ignored. Even buildings that feature such amenities in the basement area are extremely convenient options that you should consider, while trying to find the right Californian rental.

Closet Space. Where will you hang your expensive suits? Do you have enough room for your shoes? Fortunately, many Cali-based homes feature superb walk-in closets that could accommodate all your stuff. If you have your heart set on one that does not feature this amenity, note that you could always discuss storage options with your landlord and reach an agreement. California provides plenty of attractive real estate opportunities and our job is to help you explore the one that best matches your needs. With Apartment Hunterz, you are just a few clicks away from the most suitable Californian property in your price range.

Oct 2014