What Should You Expect from a California-Based Furnished Apartment?

Young couple celebrating moving to new homeNo matter what brings you to California, you should know that this is the place where you will always be able to find a great rental matching your budget, taste, needs and lifestyle choices. If you are not yet determined to put down roots here and would just like to spend a few months in one of the coolest American cities and live your own version of the Californian dream, you may want to start looking for a furnished apartment. Furnished properties ensure an elevated level of comfort and help you enjoy a homey ambiance. Those who are considering these options won’t have to rent furniture or essential appliances to turn their rental space into a livable, cozy environment. So what exactly should you expect from a furnished Californian rental?

Appliances and furniture. Most properties already come with basic furniture pieces and appliances that you normally use on a daily basis. Although no two rentals are alike, all these accommodation options do have a few characteristics in common. For instance, bedrooms include a lamp, a dresser, a nightstand and a bed. High-end alternatives provide a few extras, like hangers, a small workstation, a radio and a TV or home cinema system. Bedding and linens are also a part of the picture, so basically you will have everything you may need to get a good night’s rest.

Living quarters are usually inviting spaces that come equipped with various furniture pieces, including end tables, a couch and a coffee table. Once you become familiar with the amenities that most Californian rentals ensure, you will realize that you will have no problem turning your living room into the perfect spot for small gatherings or an excellent corner for relaxation, where you could enjoy some well-deserved me-time after a long day at the office. DVD players, a television, fax machine, a stereo and even a sleek video game console are among the extras that may be available in the living room.

Bathrooms will include cabinets, shower curtains, towels, a wastebasket as well as basic supplies that you will undoubtedly need during your stay, including toilet paper, tissues and cups. As a general rule, kitchens and bathrooms are the main rooms that can make or break a real estate transaction. Some of the best Californian furnished apartments come with a full kitchen comprising all the furniture pieces and appliances that you usually rely on to prepare a decent meal or organize a small, entertaining home party. High-end options may also let you profit from a separate dining area, featuring a large dining table and 2 to 6 chairs. Before renting an apartment, make sure it comes with basic modern appliances, like an oven, blender, microwave and coffee maker. Cutlery and cookware should also be put at your disposal.

It’s not always easy to find the most convenient furnished rental in California. Given the great diversity of options available on the local real estate market, it would be wiser to count on the skills and experience of a trusted apartment finder during your search. Apartment Hunterz has what it takes to turn your stay into a memorable experience and get the best deal on the rental market in a matter of a few days.

Oct 2014