3 Things That You Should Factor in Before Buying or Renting a Place in San Clemente

iStock_000007751777_SmallMany people spend their time picturing an ideal location where they could retire comfortably. They want it all: a nice house, a spacious backyard, a pool, jaw-dropping views and all the luxury amenities that could help them boost their level of comfort. If you share the same fantasy, you should know that a rental or for sale property matching your specific criteria could be waiting for you in San Clemente as we speak. Wondering why you should consider relocating to this sunny Californian piece of heaven? Here are three reasons that could justify your decision.

  1. Every Day Gives You an Opportunity to Discover New Culinary Preferences. If you’re a fervent foodie and can’t get enough of all the delicacies that the finest Californian restaurants have to offer, you should know that in San Clemente you could discover the highest level of culinary diversity. For instance, you could taste the finest French crepes at La GaletteCreperie, sample authentic American food at Nick’s San Clemente or go for refined seafood-based specialties at Billy’s Meats, Seafood and Deli.
  2. Seafront Settings Let You Slip in a Romantic Mood. What could be more inspiring than a combination of sun, greenery, soft sand and the sound of the waves crashing on the shore? If this is the kind of scenery that fuels your deepest emotions, chances are that you will feel at home in San Clemente. A short relaxing walk around San Clemente Pier or on the San Clemente State Beach could help you clear your head and recharge your batteries in a matter of a few minutes.
  3. The Real Estate Market Hides Plenty of Attractive Deals. You may be inclined to think that San Clemente’s real estate market is geared solely towards the needs and demands of insanely rich families. As a matter of fact, with just a little bit of expert guidance and patience, most tenants and potential buyers could find the perfect accommodation option matching their lifestyle choices, budget and specific requirements. The median home sales price is in the $772,000 range, according to the estimates provided by Trulia. The price/sq. ft. is $465 and reflects a 11.6% decrease compared to the numbers reported last year. This price reduction is clearly an element that makes many budget-conscious prospects see San Clemente as approachable territory. Can’t afford to buy a new house? Not a problem! San Clemente is also known as a tenant’s paradise, due to its attractive and diverse rental properties with amazing views. The median rental price is in the $2,800 range according to Zillow, but this doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to spot cheaper alternatives that will trigger your complete satisfaction.

Work closely with Apartment Hunterz, keep your eyes on the hottest listings to discover the best deals in your favorite ZIP codes and useall the resources of the largest Californian apartment finder to simplify your home hunt.

Nov 2014

5 Surprising Things That You Should Know about Irvine before Actually Moving Here

iStock_000020520147_SmallThere are many things that may bring you to Irvine. Perhaps you would like to spend a few weeks in a beautiful environment where you could enjoy the tranquil version of the Californian life. Maybe you want to pursue your biggest career ambitions or find the love of your life here. Either way, you should know that Irvine lets its residents embrace a lifestyle that is anything but monotonous and predictable. Even those who think that they already know this city like the palm of their hand may be in for a big surprise. Irvine comprises a long list of diverse attractions appreciated both by tourists and locals. Here are 5 little-known things that you should know about this wonderful environment before deciding to buy or rent a place here.

  1. Irvine Speaks Fashion. Are you addicted to luxury accessories and clothing items? If that’s the case, you will be pleased to find out that Irvine is home to St. John Knits, one of the trendiest stores on the planet, which has been associated with the names of prominent A-listers, including Angelina Jolie and Gisele Bundchen.
  2. Irvine Proves That the Best Icecream Comes from the Future. You may be inclined to think that the best treats come from the old-school icecream trucks. In this case, Irvine will prove you wrong. Don’t forget to visit Chemistry, a cool place where ice cream experts use liquid nitrogen to prepare your favorite customizable sweets right in front of you. Clients have the liberty to choose from various tempting flavors and toppings.
  3. Irvine Gives You Free Architecture Lessons. Those who have a passion for exquisite architectural details and appreciate diversity will most likely feel at home in Irvine. The city was divided in 46 individual villages famous for their individual architectonic style. For example, Camino Real bares an obvious Spanish influence, while Northwood is represented by the Craftsman style.
  4. Irvine Has Already Said NO to Traffic Jams. Worried that you could spend hours stuck in traffic on your way home on a daily basis? Irvine is not that kind of place! As a matter of fact, its smart system based on ground sensors and cameras adjusts all traffic lights automatically, helping drivers wait less at the red light.
  5. Irvine Lets You Find a Decent Rental Fast. Assuming that you are looking for a new place over your head in Irvine, how much should you realistically expect to spend on it? The median rent price in this area is estimated at $2,180, but don’t let this amount intimidate you. With just a little bit of help from Apartment Hunterz you could check out the newest, hottest and most accurate Californian listings and pick the affordable slice of real estate that responds to your everyday needs and demands.
Nov 2014

Things That You Should Know about the San Diego Real Estate Market


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California is usually seen as the barometer indicating the general state of health of the overall American real estate market. After all, it’s only fair to say that Californian encompasses some of the hottest beaches, diverse holiday destinations and super lavishing mansions carrying exorbitant price tags. San Diego makes no exception. Nonetheless, a recent article published by cnbc indicates that the San Diego real estate market has cooled off significantly over the past few years. Does this mean that now would be the best time to buy or rent a place in San Diego? Would this bold move allow you to embrace the laid-back, sought-after Californian lifestyle without going bankrupt?

The San Diego Real Estate Market Has Definitely Seen Better Days 

According to recent statistics, the sales volume in San Diego has recorded a 18.5% decrease, compared to the numbers reported last year. While homeowners who are eager to sell aren’t exactly willing to lower their asking price, more than a few superb Californian properties are still waiting for the right buyers to land on their doorsteps. As a matter of fact, the median home price in San Diego reached $445,000 towards the end of the summer, reflecting a notable 6.6% increase, compared to the value of the price tags that one could find on the local real estate market one year ago. Why are the factors that could be linked to these changes and how could they affect potential tenants and buyers? As most owners are inflating their list prices, potential clients are weighing their options more carefully. Also, financial gains are constantly easing because all-cash buyers and investors are scarce and less determined to make a purchase.

How Cheap Is Cheap in Your Book?

In this context, you should also know that well-priced homes in excellent condition don’t usually gather dust on the local real estate market. Due to the fact that they explore both online and offline channels, prospects are much more able to spot the most convenient deals in record time and act before their competitors.

On the other hand, if you can’t afford to buy a new roof over your head here or you just want to avoid the cons of ownership, keep in mind that you could always turn your attention to a nice rental property tailored to your specific needs, demands and budget.

According to Zillow, the temperature of the San Diego real estate market is warm. The median rental cost was estimated at $2,264 per month in October. Don’t let this value scare you off. Once you choose to do business through Apartment Hunterz, you can rest assured knowing that you will spot the most convenient deal on the local real estate market in only a few days.



Nov 2014

3 Fun Things That You Can Do in San Francisco after Dawn

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Ever since you can remember, you have pictured your winter holiday in San Francisco. This amazingly vibrant Californian city never sleeps and has what it takes to keep you busy for many weeks in a row without giving you any reasons to experience boredom. Whether you are an enthusiastic clubber or an urban sophisticate who enjoys nice brunches in elegant restaurants, in San Francisco you will always discover a plentitude of classy locations tailored to your budget, preferences and highest expectations. You don’t necessarily have to hire a personal guide to find your way towards the hottest local attractions. Here are three fun things that you could do, experience and relive in this city during your winter holiday. 

Have a Couple of Drinks at Bourbon & Branch

If you want to start your night with a few tasty cocktails sipped in a fancy, yet entirely unostentatious location, choose to book a table at Bourbon & Branch. The décor of this special locationwill help you travel back in time and experience the feel of the days of Prohibition. A cool-looking wooden bar, the classic jazz of the 1920s and the friendly staff members are other positive aspects that you should factor in before making a reservation.

Enjoy a Classic Cocktail at St. Regis Lobby Bar  

Want to be in the same room with some of the wealthiest and most influent San Francisco residents? To fulfill this dream of yours, you would just have to take your plus one to St Regis Lobby Bar for a quiet drink or a mouthwatering pre-dinner aperitif. This place tends to get quite overcrowded during weekends, so you may want to book a table in advance to avoid any surprises.

Meet Fellow Trendsetters at Infusion Lounge

Inaugurated in 2009, Infusion Lounge is one of the hottest and most glamorous clubs that you could ever find in San Francisco. This is the natural habitat of the most popular DJs of the moment, which attracts a refined clientele like a magnet due to its classy Asian-inspired décor and remarkable extravagance. To get in, you will have to comply with a tough door policy, so if you want to sip a cocktail here and mingle with the right people, you may want to flaunt the coolest clothing items and accessories that you have in your wardrobe.

All three choices can help you get busy in San Francisco after 8PM. But before making any holiday plans, make sure you can count on a decent place where you can crash after your nocturnal escapades. To spot the most convenient vacation rentals in San Francisco, just rely on Apartment Hunterz.  Rather than spending a small fortune on a hotel room, choose to explore the connections of the largest Californian apartment finder, check out the newest listings and get more familiar with the local real estate market.

Nov 2014

How Much Money Should You Expect to Spend on a Hollywood-Based Home?

iStock_000015604341_SmallAfter many years of continuous struggle, you have finally managed to save enough money to rent a place in Hollywood and start turning your dreams into reality. You know that an acting school won’t turn you into a celebrity in the blink of an eye and that you’ll probably have to juggle two or more almost decent jobs to be able to make ends meet, but in the end you realize that it’s all worth it. So how much money should you realistically expect to spend on a Hollywood property? Naturally, rentals don’t come cheap in this area, which represents the natural habitat of pampered, deep-pocketed A-listers. Wondering how much a condo or a single-family home could cost you each month?

Uncover the Secrets of Hollywood’s for Rent and for Sale Properties

To get the most accurate answer to this question, you would just have to take a closer look at the most recent Hollywood real estate trends.

According to recent stats introduced by Trulia, the average listing price for properties that have been recently put up for sale in Hollywood CA is estimated at $1,026,045.

Can’t afford to shed more than one million dollars on a home that could accommodate all your family members? Not to worry! In Hollywood, you could always stumble across a beautiful 1,230 square feet condo with one bedroom and one bathroom, priced at around $700,000. This slice of Californian real estate may not be suitable for families with multiple kids, but it definitely represents an appealing and cost-effective choice for young adults who still enjoy the perks of the single life. Moreover, if you have always wanted to build your own place from scratch, note that there is another excellent option that you should consider: buy some land. A lot located on Gould Ave. could cost you less than $250,000 and would give you the opportunity to become the main architect of your dreams and construct the property that you’ve always wanted to live in. Those who can actually afford to make a considerable investment in a spacious, modern, 5-bedroom single-family home stretching on more than 3,000 square feet should know that such a real estate opportunity could be priced under $1.5 million.

Renting a Place in West Hollywood Is Always a Good Idea

In addition, if you can’t cope with the responsibilities that ownership automatically implies, remember that you could always rent a nice place in Hollywood for under $2,000 per month. The median rental price in West Hollywood is estimated at $1,795 (the average rental price per square foot is in the $2.42 range, according to Trovit).

You don’t necessarily need a lot of luck to uncover the hottest deals on the local real estate market, but taking into consideration the great demand and the competition, you could definitely use the guidance of Apartment Hunterz to be able to spot the newest and most tempting listings before anyone else.

Nov 2014