What Should You Actually Expect from Your New Life in San Bernardino?

Photo Credit: iStock Photo

Photo Credit: iStock Photo

San Bernardino is the 17th largest Californian city and represents one of the oldest Cali-based communities. San Bernardino’s landmarks, affordable housing options, ethnical diversity and beautiful surroundings turn it into a fantastic destination for newcomers who want to live their own version of the Californian dream. So what exactly should you expect from your new life in this city?

Important Landmarks Located Within Walking Distance. The San Bernardino Mountains, California Theater and San Manuel Amphitheater (the biggest U.S.-based outdoor amphitheatre) represent only three of the most notable points of interest associated with this delightful city.

A Rising Median Home Value. Assuming that you have been saving for a place of your own for quite some time now, you should know that San Bernardino is one of the best areas where you could actually buy a piece of Californian real estate. Here you won’t be intimidated by prohibitive price tags. As a matter of fact, the median home value in the San Bernardino County is in the $193,000 range. According to the predictions made by Zillow, this value is expected to witness a 9.7% increase within the next year. Therefore, whether you are looking for a temporary or permanent accommodation option for you and your family or wish to make a smart investment, buying a property in San Bernardino would be considered an inspired move, from a financial standpoint.

Cheap, Extremely Convenient Rentals. OK, so maybe moving to California was a part of your childhood dream. At this point, the life that you are living is almost as satisfying as your fantasies. Even though you cannot afford to rent a place in downtown LA, you already have your heart set on a couple of for rent properties located in San Bernardino. Rental costs are fairly low in this city. For instance, a spacious 4-bedroom property located on Sepulveda Ave. will cost you under $1,200 per month. This type of single-family home is big enough to accommodate anywhere from 2 to 8 family members. Believe it or not, in this ZIP code you could also stumble across smaller apartment and houses that won’t make you spend more than 1,000 dollars on rent on a monthly basis. A 2-bedroom home with 1 bath situated on Canyon Rd. is priced at only $850 per month and represents a great option for single young adults or couples seeking a new, budget-friendly roof over their heads.

One thing’s certain: San Bernardino may not offer you the additional touch of glamour and luxury experienced by Los Angeles residents, but it will definitely give you the opportunity to buy or rent the house of your dreams without breaking the bank to make things happen. Wondering how you could squeeze more value from a certain rental, compare listings and price tags and make an informed decision in only a few days? Apartment Hunterz simplifies your Californian house hunt, by helping you discover the best deals spotted on the local real estate market.

Nov 2014