Which Sacramento Neighborhoods Would Be Best for Young Families?


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Maybe you’ve spent most of your adult life saving for a place that you could call home. Perhaps you have decided to relocate to Sacramento hoping that your move would be linked to rapid career advancements and financial rewards, or maybe you’re downsizing and wish to spot a smaller house or apartment that would match both your expectations and allocated budget. In any case, Sacramento can offer you all this and more. But which neighborhoods are the perfect match for young families with kids?

South Land Park. Downtown and midtown are the areas that busy, hyper active 20-something people call home. On the other hand, South Land Park is seen as the best choice for 30 and 40 something employees who dislike long commuting routes and judge every single property for rent or for sale mainly based on three criteria: price, space and location. Side streets will allow you to reach your destination in a time-effective manner, without getting stuck in traffic. If you have a thing for ranch homes that are far from being expensive (most of them carry price tags ranging from $300,000 to $500,000) and feature 3 bedrooms and enough square footage to accommodate anywhere from two to six people), consider buying or renting in South Park Lane. This is also one of the safest neighborhoods where you will never feel afraid to walk alone after 10PM.

Garden of the Gods. Those who have always fantasized about living in a bright, spacious home situated in a safe and beautiful neighborhood should drive around the Garden of Gods. As its name suggests, this neighborhood is a combination of perfectly manicured trees, medium and large single-family homes built in the early 1950s and a lot of greenery. As a plus, most properties for sale or for rent available in this part of Sacramento are considered a total steal. A 3-bedroom home situated in this ZIP code would normally cost anywhere from $225,000 to $300,000. According to Sacramento Magazine, this is the main reason why this neighborhood attracts many professionals and young couples. Known as the perfect haven for first-time home buyers, the Garden of the Gods should rank high on your “to see” list.

Elk Grove. Would you like to get away from the madding crowd and buy a small, elegant house in a more quiet and welcoming environment where you could bring up your kids, grow your own fruits and veggies and embrace a stress-free lifestyle? Elk Grove would be perfect for this type of long-term project. Previously known as a farming town, at this point Elk Grove is now seen as one of the fastest-growing Cali-based cities.

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Nov 2014