Best Places in California Where You Can Have Lots of Fun During Winter

iStock_000002071651_SmallSome people are absolutely crazy about the breeze of the ocean, the fine, golden sand and the amazing glow of the beautiful sun-kissed skin. Others just can’t stand elevated temperatures that make them feel very uncomfortable and prefer to have fun on the ski slopes, drink mulled wine in a cozy cabin in the mountains and make angels in the snow. If you have a lot of things in common with the latter category of tourists, chances are that you will love it in California during the cold season.

There are quite a few Californian destinations that can accommodate your needs throughout the chilly months of winter, allowing you to ski, make the funniest snowmen, go on a whale watching tour or write your letter to Santa near the fireplace, in a welcoming cottage or a much more luxurious vacation rental, depending on your budget and your preferences. So which are the main places in California that you should target to have the time of your life during the cold season? Here are a few suggestions that you may appreciate.

Death Valley. Don’t let the name of this magnet for tourists intimidate you. Death Valley is the perfect place for a quick unplanned getaway. Ideal for folks who are very fond of the Old West and its enchanting stories, Death Valley will become your corner of paradise for a couple of days, allowing you to hike, take amazing pictures or simply contemplate the beautiful clear night skies. While this place is all about scarce vegetation and majestic exposed rocks, you shouldn’t associate it with an austere lifestyle. Some of the most amazing accommodation options available in this area include an indoor pool and great extra services, such as massages, which you will definitely appreciate after an exhausting hiking trip.

Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe is one of the most popular Californian destinations that encourage you to visit it year-round. During fall, it displays a fantastic foliage featuring shades of rich brown, gold, bronze and ruby red. During winter, the snow-capped mountains that surround the bright blue lake become the central attraction of the entire area. Need another reason to find the best vacation rental in this area? Rental rates start from 69 dollars per night. Advanced planning may also help you unlock additional discounts.

San Francisco. Don’t really want to leave the big city life behind? In this case, you may want to spend a few days in San Francisco. During the winter holidays, shiny lights manage to outline the tall buildings, enabling the entire city to borrow a delightful gold aura. Fine wining and dining alternatives and relaxing shopping sprees are two additional reasons why you should visit San Francisco during Christmas.

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Nov 2014