3 Simple Way to Upgrade Your Rental Property


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You agreed to move in that 2-bedroom apartment for rent mostly because the rental rates very extremely low. After all, who could dream about finding a fully-furnished apartment with two spacious bedrooms located in the heart of Sacramento for a little over 800 dollars per month? When you stumble across such deals, you tend not to ask too many questions and sign the lease agreement as soon as possible. Naturally, you chose to follow this approach.

Two weeks after moving in, you started to realize that your new nest is a little too cold and depersonalized for your taste. So what now? Should you try to find another place or should you try to sit down with your landlord and ask for his permission to conduct some remodeling work? If you can’t really afford to spend a whole lot more money on a different Californian rental, you may want to go for the latter option. If you don’t know what type of improvements you should bring into discussion, we give you three excellent options that do not imply sky-high costs or radical changes in terms of design.

  1. Applying a Fresh Coat of Satin or Semi-Gloss Paint. For around 25 dollars, you can buy a can of premium paint that you could use to repaint the walls of your rental apartment. Satin or semi-gloss paint works best, simply because it requires very little maintenance and enables people to get rid of grease and scuff marks fast and effortlessly. It is always recommended to opt for a neutral color palette that will also be to your landlord’s liking. Moreover, neutral colors go with just about anything and have the ability to bring the even the most tired walls back to life, recreating a feel of serenity and cleanliness.
  2. Invest in Neutral, Minimalist Pieces. As a tenant, you probably know that flexibility is a very important attribute that should characterize you. You may want to paint your walls yellow and buy purple custom cabinets and neon green fixtures, but your practical sense probably tells you to stick to cream, ivory or white. The key is to brighten up your space by investing in classic pieces of furniture and decorative elements available in neutral colors. This way, you know for fact that they would find their place in any type of environment, if you were to move into another apartment.
  3. Enhance the Curb Appeal of Your Rental in a Few Simple Steps. OK, so maybe you don’t want to spend an entire day painting your apartment and you’re also not planning on buying any new furniture anytime soon. As a matter of fact, you don’t want to invest any money in a property that you don’t actually own. If that’s the case, focus on small yet very significant upgrades that won’t cost you anything. Make sure the shrubbery and lawn are beautifully manicured, get rid of trash, weeds and debris and place a few potted plants on your porch, to boost the curb appeal of your Californian rental and make it seem lived-in and much more inviting.

If you feel that you’re not on the same page with your landlord on this matter, don’t stress yourself too much over this. Remember that the Californian real estate market is a box full of surprises. With just a little bit of help from Apartment Hunterz you could spot the best listings and get closer to the new home that you have always wanted for yourself.

Nov 2014