Should You Rent or Buy a Home in Torrance, California?

iStock_000018777492_SmallMaybe you have always wanted to live in an area where the temperatures are high and everything around you stimulates you to live life with a big smile on your face. Whether you want to kickstart your career or retire comfortably in such an environment, Torrance can satisfy all your need and demands. Encompassing around 2.4 kilometers (1.5 miles) of beautiful beaches, Torrance lets you admire the calm of the Pacific Ocean without being bothered by hoards of noisy tourists. Unlike the hot spots located on and around Santa Monica Bay, Torrance gives you the peace and quiet that you need to put your thoughts in order. On top of that, you will also love its moderate climate with low humidity levels, sea breezes and warm, friendly temperatures year round. Need another reason to relocate to Torrance? If so, you should know that the local real estate market is both health and very generous.

Torrance Is One of the Best Choices for Families with Kids

Would you like to write a new chapter in your life in a safe, welcoming environment that would be perfect for families with kids? In this case, note that Torrance has some of the best schools that could contribute to the flawless education of your youngsters. Bread of Life Church School, Switzer Leaning Center and Torrance Montessori School are only three excellent options that you should consider. Moreover, Torrance has a very low crime rate (0.25%), compared to Los Angeles County (0.65%) and California in general (0.53%), according to recent stats published by Trulia.

Should You Buy or Rent a Place Here?

The median price/square foot is in the $409 dollar range here. The median home sales price is estimated at around 590,000 dollars. For a beautiful home located in a city located near the Pacific Ocean, this is actually a reasonable price tag. Nonetheless, the median home sales price calculated for the August-November timeframe reflects a 9.8% increase, compared to the numbers reported last year. This means that buying a piece of Torrance real estate could be considered smart investment in the long term, especially if you target popular neighborhoods, like Southeast Torrance or Northeast Torrance, where median listing prices range from $598,078 to $598,786. If you have this much money in your bank account or feel ready to get a loan and handle the pros and cons of ownership, you could always choose to buy a home here. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a part-time vacation home or a place where you could crash for a few months just to test the waters and see whether or not you could adapt to this new environment, renting a place would probably be the best choice for you. Here you could find apartments with 1 bedroom for a little over $1,000 per month or larger 3-bedroom homes for less than 2,500 dollars per month. To unlock significant discounts, see the newest and most tempting listings on the local real estate market and choose wisely, decide to involve Apartment Hunterz in your home search.

Nov 2014