3 Fun Things That You Can Do in San Francisco after Dawn

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Ever since you can remember, you have pictured your winter holiday in San Francisco. This amazingly vibrant Californian city never sleeps and has what it takes to keep you busy for many weeks in a row without giving you any reasons to experience boredom. Whether you are an enthusiastic clubber or an urban sophisticate who enjoys nice brunches in elegant restaurants, in San Francisco you will always discover a plentitude of classy locations tailored to your budget, preferences and highest expectations. You don’t necessarily have to hire a personal guide to find your way towards the hottest local attractions. Here are three fun things that you could do, experience and relive in this city during your winter holiday. 

Have a Couple of Drinks at Bourbon & Branch

If you want to start your night with a few tasty cocktails sipped in a fancy, yet entirely unostentatious location, choose to book a table at Bourbon & Branch. The décor of this special locationwill help you travel back in time and experience the feel of the days of Prohibition. A cool-looking wooden bar, the classic jazz of the 1920s and the friendly staff members are other positive aspects that you should factor in before making a reservation.

Enjoy a Classic Cocktail at St. Regis Lobby Bar  

Want to be in the same room with some of the wealthiest and most influent San Francisco residents? To fulfill this dream of yours, you would just have to take your plus one to St Regis Lobby Bar for a quiet drink or a mouthwatering pre-dinner aperitif. This place tends to get quite overcrowded during weekends, so you may want to book a table in advance to avoid any surprises.

Meet Fellow Trendsetters at Infusion Lounge

Inaugurated in 2009, Infusion Lounge is one of the hottest and most glamorous clubs that you could ever find in San Francisco. This is the natural habitat of the most popular DJs of the moment, which attracts a refined clientele like a magnet due to its classy Asian-inspired décor and remarkable extravagance. To get in, you will have to comply with a tough door policy, so if you want to sip a cocktail here and mingle with the right people, you may want to flaunt the coolest clothing items and accessories that you have in your wardrobe.

All three choices can help you get busy in San Francisco after 8PM. But before making any holiday plans, make sure you can count on a decent place where you can crash after your nocturnal escapades. To spot the most convenient vacation rentals in San Francisco, just rely on Apartment Hunterz.  Rather than spending a small fortune on a hotel room, choose to explore the connections of the largest Californian apartment finder, check out the newest listings and get more familiar with the local real estate market.

Nov 2014