3 Things That You Should Factor in Before Buying or Renting a Place in San Clemente

iStock_000007751777_SmallMany people spend their time picturing an ideal location where they could retire comfortably. They want it all: a nice house, a spacious backyard, a pool, jaw-dropping views and all the luxury amenities that could help them boost their level of comfort. If you share the same fantasy, you should know that a rental or for sale property matching your specific criteria could be waiting for you in San Clemente as we speak. Wondering why you should consider relocating to this sunny Californian piece of heaven? Here are three reasons that could justify your decision.

  1. Every Day Gives You an Opportunity to Discover New Culinary Preferences. If you’re a fervent foodie and can’t get enough of all the delicacies that the finest Californian restaurants have to offer, you should know that in San Clemente you could discover the highest level of culinary diversity. For instance, you could taste the finest French crepes at La GaletteCreperie, sample authentic American food at Nick’s San Clemente or go for refined seafood-based specialties at Billy’s Meats, Seafood and Deli.
  2. Seafront Settings Let You Slip in a Romantic Mood. What could be more inspiring than a combination of sun, greenery, soft sand and the sound of the waves crashing on the shore? If this is the kind of scenery that fuels your deepest emotions, chances are that you will feel at home in San Clemente. A short relaxing walk around San Clemente Pier or on the San Clemente State Beach could help you clear your head and recharge your batteries in a matter of a few minutes.
  3. The Real Estate Market Hides Plenty of Attractive Deals. You may be inclined to think that San Clemente’s real estate market is geared solely towards the needs and demands of insanely rich families. As a matter of fact, with just a little bit of expert guidance and patience, most tenants and potential buyers could find the perfect accommodation option matching their lifestyle choices, budget and specific requirements. The median home sales price is in the $772,000 range, according to the estimates provided by Trulia. The price/sq. ft. is $465 and reflects a 11.6% decrease compared to the numbers reported last year. This price reduction is clearly an element that makes many budget-conscious prospects see San Clemente as approachable territory. Can’t afford to buy a new house? Not a problem! San Clemente is also known as a tenant’s paradise, due to its attractive and diverse rental properties with amazing views. The median rental price is in the $2,800 range according to Zillow, but this doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to spot cheaper alternatives that will trigger your complete satisfaction.

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Nov 2014