Would Now Be a Good Time to Buy or Rent a Place in Stockton, CA?

Boat Dock ReflectionLooking for a nice, quiet place in Cali where you could live the rest of your days, rent a home, start a business or enjoy your first years of retirement? If you can’t stand the overcrowded urban areas that are all about elevated noise and pollution levels, astronomical rental costs and relatively high violent crime rates, choose to see what Stockton may have in store for you.

What’s So Special about Stockton?

Located in San Joaquin County, Stockton is home to more than 300,000 people. This is the kind of city that celebrates its past and incorporates a large collection of popular landmarks that attract tourists like a magnet. For instance, the Haggin Museum showcases numerous works of art painted by renowned European and American artists. This site is frequented by art lovers with exquisite taste, who also wish to find out more about this area’s most reputable residents and glorious episodes from the past.

The Rusty Wallace Racing Experience is quite a thrill for both locals and newcomers who are fond of fast cars, while the Historic Bob Hope Theater, the majestic building that was stunningly refurbished, is another gem that Stockton residents appreciate and visit on a regular basis.  In addition, around and in Stockton there are quite a few rivers and waterways stretching on thousands of miles, which form the beautiful California delta, a corner of paradise for those who love superb settings and can’t get enough of fishing trips and water sports.

Discovering the Particularities of the Local Real Estate Market

All in all, there are many things that could bring you to Stockton, but what exactly could motivate you to put down roots here? In the summer of 2012, Stockton was forced to file for bankruptcy (Chapter 9). The crash of the real estate sector and various unsuccessful city projects have contributed to the rapid decline of this city. Would it be a risky move to rent or buy a place here? According to the numbers provided by Trulia, renting or buying a place in this city would be a smart choice. The median home sales price is in the $185,000 range and reflects a 16.4% increase, compared to the numbers reported last year. As a matter of fact, sales prices have recorded a 48% growth over the past five years, indicating that the real estate market is quite healthy and welcoming. The average price/square foot in this area is estimated at 118 dollars and the average rental price is $1,095. All these numbers indicate that you don’t have to count on huge savings to be able to afford a new roof over your head in this city. To spot the best deals on the local real estate market in less than a week, choose to involve Apartment Hunterz in your search. The largest Californian apartment finder will give you the opportunity to identify the most convenient rental properties in only a few days.

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