Best Places to Go for a Walk in San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge, San FranciscoSan Francisco is known as one of the most densely populated U.S.-based environments. The American city that attracts investors, newcomers and tourists like a magnet gives you plenty of attractive things to do and contemplate. After a long day spent at the office, you may want to relax and go for a walk. Leave your car at home, wear your most comfortable pair of shoes and target the three special San Francisco-based sites that will amaze you with their beauty.

Pacific Heights. Pacific Heights is known as the home of some of the wealthiest dwellers in San Francisco. This is precisely why this area is famous for its superb well-establishes Victorian homes, gorgeous views, astonishing architectural details and large parks. You could start your Saturday walk at Lafayette Park, where you would also get the chance to analyze the particularities of a charming neighborhood and check out a few alluring rental properties in your price range.

The Golden Gate Bridge. Some people love to feel like they are on top of the world. If you share this passion, do not forget to let your favorite pair of flats guide you towards the walking path of the Golden Gate Bridge. The two mile span ensures breathtaking views from around 200 ft. over the water. To make the most of your walk, don’t forget to wear a warm cape and a hat or any other type of clothing item and accessories that could provide a superior protection against the wild wind that usually swipes this area.

Yerba Buena Gardens. Looking for a less pretentious destination that would definitely be appreciated by all your family members? Yerba Buena Gardens located on Mission Street in the Financial District, is a fantastic urban park encompassing all the little wonders that you may need to have a good time, including winding paths, colorful flowers, a small waterfall and artwork.

At the end of the day, you would just have to choose one of these three prime locations and enjoy a relaxing walk that will recharge your batteries and enable you to get more familiar with San Francisco’s unique views and ambiance. But before hopping on a plane, make sure you plan every single detail related to your stay in San Francisco. Instead of booking a hotel room, choose to save big and experience the superior level of comfort provided by a San Francisco rental. According to Business Insider, an average rental with one bedroom located in this vibrant city was in the $3,120 range in June 20014, reflecting a considerable increase compared to the median rental price reported last year, estimated at $2795. The bustling economy, the great views and the diverse and exciting leisure activities are only three aspects that make San Francisco such a sought-after city to live in.  Discover the rest by renting a place here with a little bit of help from Apartment Hunterz, your trusted Californian apartment finder.