Spot the Coolest Neighborhoods and the Most Convenient Rentals in Santa Monica

Santa Monica California sunset on Pier Ferrys wheelBelieve it or not, a newcomer with bold career ambitions and a certain amount of money in the bank can find his place in Santa Monica easier than expected. Known as the natural habitat of the rich and famous, Santa Monica has a diverse real estate market that sometimes uncovers tempting once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that you shouldn’t miss out on. Research is a vital component that can make the difference between a successful real estate transaction and a total bust. Therefore, keep reading to discover the coolest Santa Monica neighborhoods and the simplest way to navigate through thousands of listings and get the keys to a decently-priced house or apartment located in this city.

  1. North of Montana. Ranking first in the list of the hottest Santa Monica neighborhoods, North of Montana is characterized by its residents as an affluent, beautiful and safe neighborhood. This is the perfect spot to enjoy upscale shopping sessions and make the most of truly memorable fine wining and dining experiences.
  2. Mid-City. This section represents the urbanized heart of Santa Monica, counting a number of lower-end hotels and car dealerships. This place gets bonus points for its gym and fitness alternatives, childcare, internet access and medical facilities. On the other hand, issues related to parking, the overall level of peace and quiet and the cost of living are often seen as drawbacks that may stop certain prospects from buying or renting a place in this ZIP code.
  3. Ocean Park. Those who are looking forward to renting or purchasing a place in a hot beach neighborhood should definitely target a slice of real estate located in Ocean Park. Ocean Park is a trendy neighborhood ensuring immediate beach access. Moreover, this is the place where the magic takes place. Whether you’re into beach sports, culinary experiments, long strolls on the city streets or even longer shopping sprees, note that Ocean Park can make it all happen due to its proximity to Main Street and its endless list of tourist attractions, including hip restaurants, bars and coffee shops.

These three neighborhoods are the top options that you should consider if you are planning on moving to Santa Monica. Pico, City Center and Northeast are other three alternatives that you may want to factor in during your house search. At the end of the day, you should be fully aware of the fact that Santa Monica rentals don’t come cheap. For around $1,500, you could probably find a decent studio or you could choose to share a bigger property with a couple of housemates. If you don’t count on a big budget that would support this move, get help fast from Apartment Hunterz to spot the most convenient listings in your price range. Check out the newest houses or apartments available for rent or for sale and give the green light to a real estate transaction that will bring you nothing but joy and satisfaction.



Dec 2014