5 Tips on How to Simplify Your First Californian House Hunt

iStock_000016809859_SmallRenting or buying a place in California is always a good idea, considering the plentitude of appealing job offers and entertainment options that one could explore in this sunny state. No matter what may bring you to Cali, you will need to find a decent roof over your head before making any other plans. A house hunt can take forever and consume all your resources, especially if you want to want to conduct it on your own and don’t really know a lot about the mechanism of the local real estate market. To simplify your search, start by applying the five foolproof home hunting tips.

Create a Feature List. You may have already envisioned the perfect rental. You know that you’d like it to have high ceilings, a hot tub and a spacious, bright kitchen. In California you could find plenty of attractive rentals matching this description, but the question is this: would you be able to afford such a home? Before touring properties, put pen to paper and list the features that you can’t live without and the ones that are perfectly dispensable. This way, you would be able to highlight your priorities and compare different rentals in a more objective manner.

Get the Bigger Picture. The rental that you love may have tons of luxurious features that catch your eye and make you empty your pockets on a monthly basis. But is it located in a safe neighborhood? Is it close to your school/office or would it force you to deal with a long commute on a daily basis? Make sure you are able to go beyond the great looks of a property and judge it based on several other criteria that matter to you the most, such as location, number of amenities or price.

Analyze Your Budget. At the end of the day, it’s all about the money. If you can only afford to spend $900 per month on a rental, don’t waste any time targeting slices of real estate that cost $1500/per month. Conduct an online search and use the price tag as a filter; this is the easiest method to spot properties that are actually in your price range.

Tour Your Favorite Houses and Apartments in Person. Several websites provide plenty of photos of different apartments available for rent or for sale, and also ensure virtual tours. While these extras are great and allow you to get more familiar with the look and feel of a certain property, it is advisable to take the time you need to tour your favorite homes in person. Direct contact with a piece of real estate will help you identify hidden flaws, establish a connection with the owner/landlord and determine whether or not a particular house or apartment is right for you.

Get Help from a Reputable Apartment Finder. It’s not always easy to find a Californian apartment that is both affordable and appealing, especially when you have a very limited amount of time on your hands and don’t know much about the local real estate market. In this case, choose to work closely with Apartment Hunterz to rule out any doubts and prevent mistakes that could cost you. The largest apartment finder would enable you to find a convenient rental in your price range in less than a week, with no stress and no effort on your behalf.

Dec 2014