4 Top Amenities Any Good Vacation Rental Should Have

Surf rental shop on Kona beach on Hawaii Big IslandCalifornia has some of the most amazing tourist attractions that will eventually convince you to take a few days off work, hop on a plane and set foot in the coolest cities encompassed by this densely populated state. When you’re travelling on a tight budget, hotel rooms aren’t always a good idea. Overpriced, cold and depersonalized, average hotels don’t always meet your highest expectations. On the other hand, vacation rentals are a different story. Tailored to your needs and budget, these inexpensive accommodation options can be found in the most sought-after parts of Cali, including the picturesque Napa Valley, San Francisco, San Diego or Hollywood. But what exactly should you expect from your vacation rental? We give you a list of four essential amenities that should be comprised by the vacation property of your choice.

  1. In-Building Laundry Facility. Dirty clothes piling up in your living room can be quite an eye sore. And who doesn’t hate the idea of wearing the same clothes twice or wasting time trying to track down the closest Laundromat while vacationing in Cali? For these reasons, a rental with in-building laundry facility is worth every single cent.
  2. Dishwasher. A dishwasher can help you prevent unpleasant odor and bug problems during your stay; on top of that, it also simplifies your household chores and lets you focus on much more enjoyable activities.
  3. Garbage Disposal. Garbage disposals are great additions enabling homeowners to reduce their waste coming in the form of solid food. Great at creating scary urban legends and equally useful when it comes to limiting your number of weekly trash runs, garbage disposals are inexpensive extras that can make your stay even more relaxing and carefree.
  4. A Nice View. What would a vacation rental be without a killer view? Whether you have your heart set on a Napa Valley property overlooking a beautiful vineyard or don’t want to settle for anything else than a spacious, brightly lit oceanfront property with a large pool and tons of greenery, pay the right price for the vacation rental that matches your specific criteria and make sure a breathtaking view is a part of the package.

Amenities That Aren’t Always Worth Your Hard-Earned Money

Other amenities are worth a lot of money, but do not always manage to offer you the level of satisfaction that you would feel entitled to after spending your hard-earned cash on them. Private outdoor space, in-building spa/gym and in-apartment washers and dryers are only a few such examples that should be mentioned.

Making an Informed Decision

If you can’t picture the ideal vacation rental on your own or wish to spot the newest, trendiest slices of Californian rental estate before your competitors, start by checking out the listings provided by Apartment Hunterz and use this data to your best advantage to make your house hunt a whole lot easier.

Dec 2014