5 Things That You Most Likely Didn’t Know about Huntington Beach

iStock_000015107786_SmallSome might say that it’s difficult to keep a secret in Huntington Beach. The Promised Land frequented by fervent surfers is the place where deep-pocketed beachgoers feel at home. But what’s so special about Huntington Beach and what are the main reasons why so many people are contemplating the idea of renting a place here? Keep reading to discover five little-known facts about this city that might compel you to start looking for a vacation rental or a permanent residence in the most sought-after zip codes.

  1. Huntington Beach Encompasses a Small-Scale Germany

Are you craving for the best beer and bratwurst? In this case, you should know that the Old World Village has everything you might be asking for and more. Stretching on approximately eight acres, this part of Huntington Beach is a corner of paradise gathering Oktoberfest enthusiasts and tourists who wish to discover the finest version of Germany in the heart of the sunny state of California.

  1. Huntington Beach Has the Best Haunted Public Schools

Huntington Beach is the place where your youngsters could profit from a superior education. Nonetheless, this is the land where urban legends are being taken seriously. Apparently, Huntington Beach High School, Ethyl Dwyer Middle School and Edison High School are only three of the most popular local schools that are allegedly haunted by ghosts, which are the leading characters of morbid stories passed from generation to generation by locals.

  1. Huntington Beach Encompasses the One and Only Dog Beach in Orange County

If you want your four-legged companions to feel happy and free on the beach all the day long, let them spend some time in Huntington Beach. Here you will be able to relax on a beach chair on the only dog beach available in Orange County. Theoretically, this means that you can let your pup roam free, surf and play in the sand as long as it isn’t aggressive.

  1. Huntington Beach Is the Place That Inspires Movie Directors

Did you know that some of your favorite TV shows, including Dexter, Beverly Hills 90210 or Desperate Housewives were filmed in Huntington Beach? This shouldn’t surprise you, taking into consideration the fact that this city provides the finest shooting locations and reflects the purest traits of the Californian lifestyle.

  1. Great Deals on the Local Real Estate Market Are Only a Few Clicks Away

Many people give up on their dreams, thinking that they don’t have enough money in their bank accounts to live in Huntington Beach. Truth be told, this city is the natural habitat of the rich and famous, who have no reason to worry about rental costs. On the other hand, one could find decent apartments for rent with 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom in the 1,700-2,100 dollars range. To maximize your odds of finding the right place at the right time, simply check out the listings provided by Apartment Hunterz and select your favorite rental properties rapidly and stress-free.

Dec 2014