3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Moving to Santa Ana

iStock_000028837482_SmallStretching on approximately 27.5 square miles, Santa Ana is known as the second most densely populated city in Orange County. The natural question that immediately comes to mind is this: what are the elements that draw tourists and newcomers like a magnet and convince them to extend their stay in this Californian city? Could it be the nice hot-summer Mediterranean climate? Should we also take the fully-developed cityscape into consideration?  Regardless of your passions, interests and long-term plans, one thing’s certain: Santa Ana is the perfect environment where you can work 24/7 to turn bold ambitions into a part of your daily reality. Need another reason to pack your bags and move to this enchanting city? We give you at three great motives to give Santa Ana a try.

  1. Santa Ana Has Always Tried to Attract New People and Businesses. Would you be tempted to put down roots in a small, obscure town that doesn’t contribute one bit to your personal and professional growth or would you rather live in a crowded, vibrant city that has always revealed its commitment to attract newcomers and new businesses? In an attempt to raise the quality of life of its residents, since the early 1980s, Santa Ana has made constant efforts to revitalize and increase the influence of the downtown area, which had witnessed a steady decline. The popular Santa Ana Artist’s Village gravitating around CSUF Grand Central Art Center was developed to seduce young professionals and new talents with artsy inclinations.
  2. Santa Ana Lets You Become Familiar with a Diverse Cityscape. Wish to contemplate the eclectic style of a gorgeous Californian city that won’t let you get bored for one minute? Clearly, Santa Ana is one of the top cities that will live up to your expectations. After all, the downtown area is filled with new, modern buildings encompassing a wide assortment of accessible accommodation options. At the same time, during a long stroll in and around the civic center you may have the pleasure to discover several well-established homes and older residences built in the early 1800s, which give the cityscape a pleasant vintage vibe and also pose several preservation issues, taking into consideration the ongoing development of the downtown area.
  3. Santa Ana Gives You the Chance to Become a Happy Tenant. In spite of its cool entertainment options, ambitious development plans correlated with tempting job offers and fantastic cityscape, Santa Ana won’t force you to break the bank to be able to afford a new roof over your head here. As a matter of fact, you could probably find a cute and small 1-bedroom apartment for anywhere from $1,500 to $1,700 per month. To be able to spot the best deals you don’t necessarily have to wait patiently for many months in a row or to become an expert in the local real estate market. By simply keeping an eye on the recent listings brought to you by Apartment Hunterz you could find the most attractive and affordable California-based apartments and houses fast and easy.
Dec 2014