Discover the 3 of the Most Amazing Must-See Places in the State of California

iStock_000005498856_SmallKnown as the “Golden State”, California has it all. From picturesque redwood forests to stunning deserts, one of the most famous vine producing regions in the world and the hottest beaches on the planet, Cali counts numerous attractions that invite newcomers to put down roots here. Every single day spent in this sunny, densely populated state can feel like a never-ending vacation as long as you become familiar with the local real estate market and learn how to embrace the laid-back Californian lifestyle while keeping your costs under control. If you’re not ready to settle down in a Californian city, at least start your romance with this wonderful state by uncovering three of its most sought-after tourist hot spots.

Redwood National and State Parks. California has some of the most stunning redwood forests in the U.S. You don’t have to take our word for it. If you’re the biggest fan of outdoor activities and want to spend your holidays far from the madding crowd, choose to book a vacation rental near the Redwood National and State Parks, where you could explore the wonders of one of the oldest redwood ecosystems. Tours enabling you to witness the whale migration or to check out the artifacts dating from the mining era are a part of the deal and can make your stay truly memorable.

Big Sur. Let’s face it: we all dream about owning a piece of oceanfront real estate. We would all be tempted to invest all our savings in an enormous house overlooking the ocean, with at least 4 or 5 bedrooms, a huge patio, an exotic décor and a lavishing pool. If you are far from turning this dream into reality, then at least you can rent a spot in Big Sur. This sparsely populated, picturesque region lets you discover the state of California in all its glory. The Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park stretching on the rugged, magnificent coast lets you admire unique views of the Pacific Ocean.  In this area you will also get the chance to contemplate a fantastic 80 foot natural waterfall. The best accommodation options are the Big Sure campgrounds and the less pretentious vacation rentals that won’t make you go bankrupt. As a matter of fact, a night spent in a cozy rustic cabin will allow you to discover the full potential of this area and fall in love with its remarkable simplicity and natural beauty.

Napa Valley. You don’t have to be a wine lover to appreciate what Napa Valley has to offer. Aside from great wine tastings, this county has many other exciting surprises in store for you. From exquisite culinary adventures, award-winning music and nightlife venues, beautiful trails and parks, golf and tennis courses and elegant boutiques, Napa Valley counts all the essential tourist attractions that will fuel your good mood during your stay.

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