4 Easy Ways to Prep Your Californian Rental for Winter  

Mountain roadThe holiday season stimulates us to relax, leave our worries behind and spend more quality time with the people who truly make a difference in our lives. But at the same time, one simply cannot take a break from reality. Bills have to be paid, deadlines have to be met and Californian rental properties have to be kept in excellent condition. California is a giant state counting multiple climates. Snow is not exactly uncommon in Central and Northern California.

As you may already know, piles of snow, a heavy rainfall and reduced temperatures can cause severe damage and impact the looks and end value of your property in multiple ways. To prevent this nuisance, simply apply the following tips on how to winterize your rental.

Cover Visible Cracks. Ice can enlarge cracks present in concrete surfaces. This is precisely why you should make an effort to cover those old cracks displayed by your sidewalks and driveways before the weather gets really bad.

Inspect Gutters, Chimneys and Roofs before the First Snow. Ample repairs undergone by these structures can burn holes in your pockets; therefore, it is safe to say that prevention is better than cure. You could easily install individual roof singles on your own, or you could hire a roofer to complete this assignment. A professional could assess the general condition of your roof, chimney and gutters while providing no-obligation estimates and quality services.

Check Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors. According to the data provided by the National Fire Protection Association, 97% of all American homes have at least one smoke alarm; unfortunately, more than 37% of all fatalities triggered by home fires were reported in properties with no smoke alarms, while 23% of all deaths were linked to houses with defective smoke detectors. These numbers reveal just how important it really is to check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors regularly and change their batteries (if needed).

Power Wash Your Property to Remove Dirt Accumulations. Dirt, microorganisms and algae can be removed by power washing your property. Moreover, during winter you will most likely have to deal with a layer of snow or ice. Ice deposits can damage the a wide range of construction materials, while also triggering more than a few slip and fall accidents potentially resulting in injuries and costly lawsuits. To avoid such worst-case scenarios, simply remember to keep your outdoor areas clean, apply safe ice melting chemicals on icy surfaces and wear slip-resistant footwear.

Taking the Easy Way Out

Truth be told, all these fairly simple assignments require time, energy and out-of-pocket expenses. Instead of power washing your deck, wouldn’t you rather watch your favorite TV show, crawl up on your couch or have a cup of tea with your friends? In this case, you should strive to find a property manager who can handle all these pressing tasks without getting you involved in the regular maintenance routine. To spot the best deals on the Californian real estate market, choose to involve Apartment Hunterz in your search. By offering you access to rental rates, the knowledge of move-in experts, open houses and community features, Apartment Hunterz lets you get acquainted with the most sought-after Californian ZIP codes and their real estate treasures. The largest Californian apartment scout works closely with property managers and independent property owners to help you make the most of convenient apartments or houses for sale matching your specific requirements.

Dec 2014