3 Costly Mistakes That You Could Make While Renting a Home in California

Man giving handshake to real-estate-agentThe collapse of the housing market has inevitably turned millions of owners into more or less enthusiastic tenants. It’s no secret that very few people are now prepared to deal with the responsibilities and the type of long-term commitment that ownership involves. In this particular set of circumstances, renting a place in Cali seems like the smartest thing to do. A good rental usually implies a short drive to the beach, great views, friendly white-collar neighbors, cool bars and clubs and some of the most tempting job opportunities. Renting in Cali can be a wonderful experience as long as you manage to avoid the three crucial mistakes listed below.

  1. Not Reading the Lease Agreement Multiple Times. Nobody is rushing you into anything, so don’t hesitate to read the lease agreement (preferably more than once). Make sure the clauses don’t actually go against the legal rights that you have as a tenant and always pay attention to additional expenses that may arise (associated with utility bills, storage space, parking and so on).
  2. Not Keeping Your Options Open. Just because you’ve managed to find a decent rental priced at $1,000 per month in an area where you couldn’t dream of finding a cozy single-bedroom apartment under $1,700 doesn’t mean that you should sign the lease in the blink of an eye and ignore all your other options. Take the time you need to research different properties in your preferred ZIP codes and compare different candidates in terms of location, amenities and price tags.
  3. Refusing to Take Picture Before Moving in. A good picture is worth more than one thousand words and in this case, it can help you prevent a whole lot of trouble started by your landlord. Therefore, remember to photograph every single defective or poorly maintained item that you find around the house. Even the tiniest hole in the rug or the smallest fragment of chipped wall paint can infuriate your landlord and make him retain your security deposit or charge you extra for damages that you’re not actually responsible for. So take pictures, file them properly and don’t hesitate to use them as evidence in the event of a potential dispute.

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We totally get it: you’re awfully busy. You don’t have the time and energy to check out different neighborhoods, compare prices and browse through an endless list of listings. You don’t want to make dozens of phone calls just to hear the same annoying message over and over again: “Sorry, it has already been rented!” this is why Apartment Hunterz has designed a completely different apartment finding service especially for you. By offering you the chance to check out only verified, recent and absolutely magnificent listings, Apartment Hunterz help you prevent the most common California renting mistakes and feel at home in the nicest property that you could possibly afford at this time

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