How to Find a Great Rental in San Francisco Without Going Absolutely Insane

Downtown of San Francisco.Most newcomers are already fully aware of the fact that finding a great roof over their heads in San Francisco isn’t exactly a child’s play. After ruling out all those lavishing properties with indoor wellness centers and other luxurious amenities that cost extra, you are basically left with a whole bunch of listings that don’t actually promise to change your life in a radical manner. Even so, most of them sound pretty nice and guarantee a high level of comfort, so how could you possibly choose the right one fast and effortlessly? Here are a few pointers that you may want to consider if you have already decided to give life in San Francisco a try.

Set Realistic Goals

First of all, don’t wait for miracles to happen. The local rental market is overly competitive. Due to the fact that San Francisco provides more than a few tempting job opportunities, this cosmopolitan Californian city is targeted by hundreds of newcomers hoping for a quick upgrade, a fatter paycheck and a more satisfying life. This is precisely why you should underline your goals before analyzing any listings. Are you looking for a long-term arrangement or for a house that you could use as a second residence? How much are you willing to spend on this San Francisco rental? How big would you want your property to be? Do you have your heart set on a certain Zip code? These are very important questions that you need to answer before going any further.

Let the Unit, Price and Location Be Your Main Selection Criteria

Assuming that you already know what your rental property should look like, now would be the best time for an in-depth analysis. Focus on what real estate experts normally call the “constraint triangle”: unit, location and price. Some prospects are madly in love with rentals located in the Mission or in SoMa (South of Market-a relatively large and extremely popular San Francisco neighborhood) and choose to pay the price for luxurious, high-end accommodation options that wouldn’t exactly be suitable for people who are living from paycheck to paycheck. At the same time, potential tenants should also be prepared to make compromises when it comes to adding or removing amenities from their wishlist. Onsite parking, gym and in-unit washer and dryer are only a few of the attributes that could raise the rental costs of a property, so ask yourself this: do you really need all these extras?

Know That There’s Always an Easier Way to Spot Great Rentals

Let’s agree on one matter: San Francisco is an extremely diverse and stimulating environment providing lots of accommodation options. This could only mean that finding the right one takes time. Naturally, you could speed up the entire process by teaming up with the largest Californian apartment finder. By giving you access to the hottest listings and tips for tenants, Apartment Hunterz makes it easier for you to find a great place in your favorite Californian city in a matter of days.

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